i never knew that guy at work whom i thot was a friend, was such a backstabber & such a big mouth! fucking annoying bastard of a guy.


2 faced ass.
mouth worse than a girl.
made the worst of saturdays i ever had.
i TOLD him bcos i trusted & NOT FOR HIM TO GO BLABBING bout it.

& then there was the camwhoring at home shoot.

i got inspired by a dream i had the night before..
so i thought why not have a shoot on it — since i didnt have
antg to do anyway.
so i did. (messing up sis’s rooms while doin so)

yes. fucking crazy. i noe.
sigh~ its tough findin themes for my random camho moments.
-__-” but sure is fun.
& then on random things,
on 31st may, saturday..
met up with dilah & syak.

we had a hell of a good fun ((:

i missed them so.
so yup.
as usual — camwhoring again & again..
crazy monkey antics & stupid poses..

(: i enjoyed it alot.
lookin forward to a nex time wif them.

kinda like slumber party

Kinda like slumber party.

& then i went to the library today.. at tampines..
& checked out……………………………… hair fashion magazines!
all of us — tt is stephy, nina, sheena, zy & her guy & lastly, me,
were all reading magazines the whole time (instead of studying for FTY paper tmr. yea. wtf. can u believe it???)

stephy was looking up gossip mags like “HOT”, which had fucking funny
articles in it. x) so steph & me kinda exchanged mags after we read.
i brought back two mags… &….

hair & whatnots.

these are the shots of CURLY hairs I LOVE.
know why curly hair?
cos i KNOW that lotsa gals out there —
wiho’re very unhappy with their curly unmanageable hair..
with proper hair products (to hold it) ((:
it can become this gorgeous!
(& btw, i have this obsession w curly hairs too. i envy my sisters for having pretty ringlets wtf. so unfair)
but i rebond my hair bcos its wavy & ugly & dunno wthr to be straight or to bend abit. -__-“

my sisters have curly hair
(i may be adopted.. YAGAGAGAGA)
& they’ve trouble..
if u kept this long.. & colored it.. might be stunning.. ((:

i also wanna introduce to you this site:
www.thehairstyler.com; you can use YOUR photo & try on what
hairstyles look best on you.
its fucking interesting & useful i tell u. (:
especially if ur gonna go for hair redesigning & scared it looks horrible..
this is the site for you (((:

talkin bout hairs:
alot of us had bad hair day today!!!
i felt so awful really -___-“
but nevermind.

if you’re asking me how my paper went..
it went pretty good actually ^^
um. nvm.

steph & me were late..
like abt 10minutes past 8.30.
(other ppl come late relax only… steph & me were wheezing wen we reached wtf)

steph la ni.
memandai-mandai (trynna b smart) say i shd mit her at tampines instd..
if ONLY she listened to me & dropped at tanamera..
we wouldnt have been wheezing & clutching our stitches all the way there ok.

thx to her.. she paid for the cab..
thanks stephy :-*

of ALL the cabs we had to get..
was the cab tt didnt noe hw to get to our school.
(come on lah, EVERYBODY knows where ite simei is!)
he oso another one fucking smartypants.
prolly PAISEH he dunno hw to get there (which made us even later)
he say:
“oh tt one not ite simei lah, its ite college east”

i was shocked beyond fantasy OK!
(even if we said tt college east crap, he STILL wouldnt noe hw to gt there wat!)

stupid uncle. -___-“

& when steph said “avenue sometg lah..”
he chuckled & said…
“not avenue lah.. street..”
we call nila.. & IT WAS AVENUE OK!!! not some fucking street he imagined.
stupid mf.
i was damn pissed at him.. but didnt bother much cos i was afraid of missing my exam.
I WISH I COULD JUST SMACK him up down left right 360degrees till his shades are flown to the pacific ocean!

yea.. tts it. ((:



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