like wanna kena slap hor? 😉
i also like this picha bcos i like it. myb cos my smile is FINALLY nice. -_-” & not constipated kind.
guess its not candid nimore. she actually wanted it this way. x)

during facial & steph thinks its cute to take a pic of my expression of silent constipation. -_-” but i put tis ugly ting up here niway cos my post wont feel contented.
somehow how come my nose looks like its flaring. wtf? isnt there any cute pictures of me at all?????
from big to small: mirah with her siggy side smile, ana without a mouth, stephy looking like she got back ache, me needing neck support & nila who smiles with her eyes.
the siamese twins to the left & the normal couple to the right.
this picture is cute.. but its always lidat when im not in it. wtf can?
not cute anymore. -_____-” PFFFFTTTTTTSSS
jus cos the big mirror has alot of ppl swarming ard it to look at their reflections.
fuck lah. can u imagine the humiliation i went thru???
i cant believe i put tis up either. -_-“
work at NAC must tie up hair wtfwtfwtf.
how ar? suicide u tink?
friday wrkg thr again.
must tie up hair again.
fucking suey noe. -_-“
stupid MF manager.
awwwww* i love love love tis picha alottt!
tis is fucking lame. but stephy suggested & i thot its cute. ^^ so its not fucking lame. its cute lame now.
tis was candid. & since my… (omg, dun tell asf! dun tell!! i cant believe im revealing the truth) *blurts out loudly* teeth were bucked & big i decided to put a cutesy heart over my mouth. ack! i just revealed myself!

ok. tis picha of my expression is no more funny expression. its more towards the ugly graph.
a tiny bit cuter lah hah.
HAHAHAAHAH. otw home ^^

i live on hatred.

school’s fun. (:
exams next week.
fun no more.
weekends must work my ass off.

next week aft exams (aft weds dat is)
can go out with girlfies alrd! ((((:
how fun iszats?????

today pickin up my mum.
sisters goin msia soon.
hope they buy me nice nice sweet sweet cute cute tings. ^^
*hint hint*

if not…
*strangles voodoo dolls resembling anis, sara & asra*

i stick pins on these dolls. x)
*stabs doll*
(just in case)

ok dah bye.


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