& thats my darleeeyng stephy… with umm.. a new expression for her collection. x)
me. steph & miraaaaaahh.
scratch the gal on the far left. *cough cough* it wasnt me.
im trying to control my eyes actually, cos in the previous pichas i looked so staring. -_-” i dunno why oso daa. mirah w/o make up cos she used the galvanic machine treatment which doesnt allow u to wear make up for up to 8hrs aft tat incase of chemical reaction. ^^
yaya & me..
yes. i am such a pest.
ZOMG. fucking hedious. yoke lian. tat is NOT qualified as a funny face, ur out of this round. x)
i look scary somehow wtf.
leana. lianlian. stephy & asfa.
yes. i am indeed, such a pest.
ahem. *straightens out tie*
i look better veil painted. ^^
somehow tis pic needs editing & then be put up on frenster. ^^
steph & her chemotherapy patient forehead & me… i look like a vampire wtf.

chey, all the heads tilted sey.
so this is where stephy’s expression on the first pikshur comes from!
my hair step sexy je. zyzy looks sooo cute ^^
what an adorable expression. im lucky i caught it. ^^
d’you think i gained weight??? ): tell the truth.
everytime someone closes their eyes… someone else will always take their picha. ^^ im a paparazzi man.
zy & me.
eh, u think her eyes photoshopped anot arh??? hmms. i want these eyes wtf.

ok wtf. i look like crap in the previous posts pichas man. -_-” WOW.
there are days when u just look r87yti09&%#%^765*(…

& school’s fun!! =D

btw, i just wanna say…
some guys dun have enough balls, they cannot accept the truth..

u ARE a playboy.
not my problem what sial?
u angry i tell my fren for what?

ur such a fucking loser can?
than this fucking useless bf.
say i gossiping?
gals always gossip. u’ll NEVER find a gal hu NEVER gossips.
so get the fuck over urself la sial.

u duwan gf who doesnt gossip.
go become gay lor.

smre ask me what that fucking loser Di ever done to me to receive this treatment.
eh sial,
iira knew alrd la from her bf.
so its not a surprise.
she ask me, i answer lor.
than he say nextime say i dono je lah..
he duwan becos of me, his frens stray away.

(that Di loser wants to get frenly with iira’s fren, & hello, her fren alrd knew he playboy kind lah. so its not anybody’s fault. stop pointing fingers that bcos of either of us gals, iira’s fren wanna run away from u uh)

pukimak lanciao.

i’ll look forward to the day u said wat u meant.

& that Di, he nk bingit2 for what?
we not making up stories wat.
its the truth, no lanciao arh? cannot take it?

go & suck ea other cock lah nabey.

go & side ur fren lah.
u really2 bingit at me ar?? i dun tink im in the wrong 4 wat wanna apologize??! isssssap arh! wtfuckinghell.

bf’s fren is so fucking gay he shd go & suicide himself.
i hate him cos he’s a motherfucker species of a bastard.
i HATE bf befriending him cos he’s a superficial bad influence boob of a specimen.
but i dunno why he fucking treasures him so much.
it may even be possible that i hate u for no fucking reason. but thats not it.

the fact that ur a fucking common superficial double faced bastard of a guy & not at all the funny kind like some common ppl i noe is the problem.
& to add more: the way u treat general female species like dirt & tools, it all wraps up to produce one knnccb called… You. (im not naming names cos he’s not attacking me directly, playing it dirty by makin bf side w him. wtf cheebye!)
I HATE you eventho u’ve never did anything wrong directly to me.
but the facts are all there, reasons ENOUGH for me to despise the way ur born.. jus becos im a girl too.

i cant c what the fucking hell is so bad about telling truths!?
thats not considered a gossip.


1. idle talk or rumor, esp. about the personal or private affairs of others: the endless gossip about Hollywood stars.

its not a private affair already if ur trying to protect a galfwen from a wolf now, is it?

6.an obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude.

it IS fact that he’s a playboy. so what wrong am i in now?
u fucking tell me.

u fucking blowjob gay fucktard (apply to whoever deserves it).
stay away from me already.
im not ego, ur just an asshole.
im not in the wrong, look up the facts.
& of cos im angry becos its natural to be so.

i really despise that particular friend of yours.
maybe u’d rather choose him over me?
im fine u noe.
i dont need anything from u anyway.
so fuck off.


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