thanks asra! ((: btw. Crows Zero is both a manga & a japanese drama.. its all about violence.. (sisters & me LOOVEEE… ) the storyline seems good. i wanna watch.. when she bought the dvd, this free gift necklace came with it.. i like it alot. =D myb im gonna wear it. myb not. dunnoes. it’d be cool to hang it around somewhere..
i look so sick here.. the i-wanna-puke kinda sick.. not sick i-have-a-fever kinda…
how come my eyeliner is nearly gone arh. -____-” check out asra’s smile x) (the far right)
i prolly shouldnt smile close mouthed anymore. i look fucking horrible.

that white capped motherfucker there, sitting alone… yeah, well he & his cronies, are fucking perverts & have excited balls 24/7. i just wish i could cut them off because i am sick of getting paranoid when gg home. he & his friends are fucking STALKERS & sex maniacs roaming around the neighborhood i live in making it difficult for us girls to even go sheng siong for a $0.70 ice cream. wtf. credits to asra for this shot. i wanna take his full face. sisters and me have such scary experience for the first time!!! lets pray for our safety now shall we??

family pikshur.

I love my kitties. (:

today went out with sisters was fun.
met sara at Jurong entertainment for movie..

indiana jones at 4.45pm. (:
the movie is so-so.
love the special effects and humour.
makes me wanna watch national treasure lor.

aft movie, that was around 7pm.
went to poh kim cd shop.
tts where we browsed all the cds.
i wanna buy that anime “tales from earthsea”.
looks fucking awesome.

i noe i can prolly watch it online…
but somehow, owning a studio ghibli gives one a sense of security.
maybe its just me. ^^

so then.
we decided where to eat.
sara wanted delifrance, because it was healthy.
she is such a health freak cos she thinks she’s fat.
she’s not fat lar wahlao.
& whoever dares call her fat will get a fucking flying kick from me.

asra wanted to try kfc’s new fish zinger or smtg.
i, didnt wan deli bcos its boring & usually eaten by
1: health freaks
2: uppity people (in my opinion)
& its also expensive (it was asra’s $$$ we using ;] im a nice little sister, see? so caring)

i didnt mind kfc or LJS or mcs. but sara particularly din wan mcs.
(actually, i dun c wat fat/oil difference btwn the 3 fast foods. hmm)

we ended up at ljs cos asra said so.

i love ljs’s cheese.
becos its nachos kinda cheese & not the usual cheese.
if u get what i mean.

i want to read “Eldest” by christopher paolini but apparently,
JE library has it all on loan.
myb when pay comes i’ll just have to BUY it then.
hurr hurr.

its also been a long time since i stepped into borders or checked out kino’s books. ):

Note to self: watch VK ep 1 part 2 online pls & finish it quickly.

gonna be a loooooonnnnnngggg week ahead.
& u prolly shouldnt expect posts from me.
cos its busy man.
damn busy.
i’ll try to update though, ((:



pp/s: i am addicted to mustard & pink & yellow & turquoise currently. hmms.


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