i really2 need this wallet. lol. ok. not need. -_-“
because need & wants are different.
BUT LOOK. dammits.

today’s problem # 1:
my bookmarks are all GONNEEEEEEEEEE from mozilla.
i dunno y the fuck they’re gone.
but they’re gone.
the main point isn’t why, but the fact that they’re gone.
i cannt say anything. i dunno what to say.
all my fucking precious links. (now what am i to do???)
what the fuck.

the only vocab im gonna stress on is fuck. fuck. fuck.
oklah. give discount lah, shit. -_-” happy?

today there isn’t any pictures simply because there isn’t.
i uploaded new pictures on my friend pages
(in asfa’s dictionary, these friend pages are friendster & facebook la)
i had a whoop of a time, by myself, editing pix.

sisters have shifted quite a number of stuffs in the room.
one word: awesome.
reason 1: the cats cannot reach any of the precious we own.
reason 2: asra’s table has space.
reason 3: the TV & computer monitor is right beside each other.
(will take pix soon)
reason 4: the PC is in such a respectable & comfy place now. god bless.

disadvantage 1: take reason 3, not enough screen privacy. if my sis was watching dvd, i cant possibly watch porn mah (bcos all she has to do is flick her eyes to my screen). not that i do, jus an example. -_-“

tomorrow we’re watching indiana jones.
sara’s treat. *wide smile*
im such a needy person lar.
my sisters are such nice ppl ^^
god bless, again.

i am dreading next week bcos omfg.
im working for like 4 days… right after school (u noe, we finish like after office hours)
why the hell did i so smart say im working mon, wed & fri.
if only i knew BM was gonna make me work on sat.

today’s post is so random,
it hurts.

p/s: hmm. i noe its late, but wtf. im addicted to bags.
stupid facebook “my fab bag” application is under maintenance or smtg.
QUICK LAAAAAA!!!! i need my daily dose of eye candy.
i noe.. i noe… im such a loser.. -_-“
but its on screen, so it doesnt hurt my pockets.
*wide shiny toothed smile*



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