whats wrong with these ppls english language please? come explain to me. wtf. -__-” vandalise oso proper english la deyy.
safe & unsafe oral sex. -_-“

check out my expression man. omfg. -_-” like wanna kena slap like dat.

first first,
i’ve got this quiz/meme watever thingy la to do. -___-“

i have been tagged by Terence
1) Do you wish to get married?
Ans: errr. yea. before i die.

2) What do you wan the most now?
Ans: happiness… err.. regardless of race & religion? =X & no war. ^^

3) Whats your favourite pastime? — my personal qn.
Ans: being on the computer gives me a sense of bliss.

4) Do you think you have enough confidence?
Ans: Nope.

5) What is the one thing you wan if you have the power to create Miracle?
Ans: Money. with money you can get anything & u can smile & shake leg the whole day.

6) Are you satisfied with yourself?
Ans: errrr… i guess??

7) What are you afraid to lose now?
Ans: my darleeeeynggs..

8) Do you believe in eternity love?
Ans: i wish. erm.. i don’t believe, but pls happen to me?

9) What would you do if He/She hugs you?
Ans: eh? who? my sister arh? i would freak out lor. that’d be so unlike her, but kinda pleased oso lah. my bf? happy lah of course. everytime hug me. -__-” my cat? i’d faint, cos cats dun haf hands.. my classmates? no problem. we’re part lesbians. LOL. nolar. just kidding.

10) Who do you wana see right now?
Ans: myself, looking pretty in the mirror.

11) What kind of people do you hate?
Ans: errm. kinda difficult even though these kinda ppl are staring right in my face, but, i think we ALL noe what kinds we hate right?

12) What feeling do you hate the most?
Ans: extreme sadness that leaves u aching. wah. damn emo lah my answer.

13) Do you trust every friendship of yours?
Ans: i don’t even trust myself much. x))) am i a good friend?

14) Do you treasure your family?
Ans: *snorts* wtf. is this quiz setter for real? nvm. in the world, 1% of the population sure born stupid. YES LAH OFCOS I LOVE.

15) Will you be moody or sad or ring your friend?
Ans: eh. moody only lah. im not the kind to share2 problems.

16) What do you regret most in your life now?
Ans: making friends with some people that wasn’t supposed to be.. ): sigh* kinda forbidden actually. ah. its too deep — dun wanna elaborate.

17) Why are you doing this quiz?
Ans: umm. didnt have the heart to reject the quiz?

18) Why izzit difficult to let go of the one you loved?
Ans: ask yourself lah bodo. -_-“

19) What is the best thing that has ever happened to you in your life?
Ans: myself. ^^ lol. nolar. i’ve since learnt to treasure ppl & thats excellence on my part. *clap clap* the ppl i noe all r awesome.

20) What do you think of the person who tagged you?
Ans: he loves his loved ones alot — a loyal kinda guy. from what i’ve seen thru my screen..

Instructions: Remove 1 question from above and add in your personal question. Make it a total of 20 questions. Tag 8 persons. Notify them in their chatboxes. Whoever gets the tags would have a blessing from all.

blessing or not, i am not tagging anybody just because im not sporting enough. NOLAR. im lazy. someone, tag for me. -_-“
yesterday i was working.
yes. i was.

then got this super bodo customer go & vomit on our SOFA ok.
our frikken sofa!!!
so poor justin the cleaner had to clean.

lucky i didnt have to go near the cust.

i think that was their first date lor.
then the guy ordered our house burger,
he only ate the meat.
left ALL the veggies & bread behind.
our cook was kinda pissed. LOL.

guess he was shy 2 eat smtg so big infront of the gal of his dreams–
for fun & relaxation isit?? KNS..

then skali..
got another couple oso..

wah. the gal damn bimbo+bitch looking lah.
wear so frikken low cut top (the guy she’s out wif sure happy all the way ar)
not really minah, not really classy either. umm.
i dunno y im suddenly in my bitchy mode, but yes.

the gal waved to farhan.
than i kepo2 ask farhan..

“kau kenal pmpn tu? sape eh?”
he seemed reluctant to answer, i dunno why.
i dunno why oso i so god damned kepo, i kept on pressing him. LOL.
then he say tts his exgf.

i was shocked beyond wonder.

“huh? kimak. sexy per??”
i nearly fainted when he say that lah okey. -___-“
who knew he was such a perv.

& some more bonus,
that supervisor & the cook oso got high by going out to look at the gal cos of her low cut top.
wah duhh…

after all that. this morning i really couldnt wake up.
next week working mon, wed, fri & sat night smre.. )))):
god, give me the strengh pls.

i really enjoy school nowadays. ^^
myb cos of that steph horny.

& btw,
i actually made my own friendster.
yet again..
after deleting mine… i decided to make again.
wats wrong w me?????????

just cos i want to laa. hmm.
i feel jealous of the other girls having frenster.
they look so connected.
& altho i regard frenster as damn kental,
i wanna be kental too. LOL. =pppppppp


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