why do u care so much??

forget it.
stop being so fucking emo.
crying here, there, everywhere.


ur just wasting ur time.
its worthless.

stop wasting time & stop caring.
who cares right?
when a person themself don care bout u,
y care bout them right, right??
myb its my fault this happened.
fucking karma wth.

stop thinking.
go be numb.
go take drug.
go try smoking.

lol. just kidding. ^^

i have decided to try & learn to stop caring,
try to block you away from thoughts,
try to leave you out from my life, my precious.

i love bein alyssa’s model for facial therapy.
i snored myself to death. O.O
she’s good.

& yeps.
my face is swollen & very very red due to ytd’s extraction by form teacher.

hmm. dunno wthr to be thankful & relieved, or be angry & bitter.

pay was few days ago & my money is gone like the wind.
& we received blackforest cake for nila’s belated bday celeb in our Care lesson tday ((:

i adoreeeeeeeeee the cake! [its twice teacher has bought it]
& i got second round!!
nothing like chocolate & cake to cheer u up whenever ur stressed..
oh yes. & green tea ofcourse.

i start feeling like cold-turkey whenever i dun have green tea atleast 1 bottle. )):

im nw using school’s comp.
god noes what happened to my river of life computer at home.

fucking slow.

i need my dose of anime/manga/dvd now.
i dun haf timeeeeee ))): nvm2……………
& of course youtubing has never seem so appealing.

school’s been excellent lately.
the girls i hang out with r fun.
especially stephy.
im starting to be attached to her. -___-“
so addictive lah her jokes.

i’ve got aloooootttt of pix to load up.
when i get home ok??

& uhh.
last sat 10th may 08, had great fun with my sisters!
we went window shopping.
& sara & i got obsessed over this mint green Guess bag $260..
who knew…
isn’t she getting it? maybe i can rent it once in awhile (loooolllllllll)
nolar nolarr.

but yes. i’ve got my new bag — thanks to her too ^^ i love you sara… i love all 3 of my sisters..
i love tigermum too of course.
my gratitude to each & every of my family members (for the love from my kitties too) is very deep & unconditional.

omigawd. see? so emo.
stop bein so fucking emo asf u big fat loser.. -___-“

i love u all…
*flykiss 360degrees to all readers*


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