These were taken TODAY.

Zyzy & meeeeee. gotta love her eyeliner. i look like i dyed purple.. ^^ no i did not. (obviously)
t’was funny.

beauty & the beast. u think?
maaan.. she’s good..
This is Nila. busy studying.. or not..

Steph & me.
Nina & me.. ^^ thanks for the lollipop Nina!
finally, an obligatory picture of ME. because i say so.

Orange boy. see if you can spot his mickey mousies ((: he’s got 2 mickies.

i really like how this lady wore. ^^ sighhh* im weird that way. whatever. its sweet.

These bunny pictures are taken on saturday the 19th.
went out witch 2&3 .
first2 in the morning we went breakfast & met up with witch 1 at clementi.
we breakfasted there.. nasi ayam penyet.. thanks Sara for it.. omg. damn delicious i tell you.
the presentation was picture perfect (sorry no picture, cos i was damn hungry due to witch # 1’s lateness =P )

ofcourse people like me who get grumpy & just need food will not give a hoot about presentation,
but since my sisters kept harping on about it, i decided to tell you that yes, their presentation was pretty, just incase you’re like them.

if you’re interested in tasting, it’s the kopi shop nearby where the mcdonalds was last time (now a derelict building. -__-” damn inconvenient) & its called “Pondok Abang” or something like that. damn pro lah the uniform oso. with chef hats & all. should try ((:

so after that, went to Sis’s workplace the office.
upon reaching, is nearby…… cant rmbr.
but its definitely a semi-detached house (is it??)
& was damn filthy.
with mosquitoes & i got bitten by many (wtfwtf)

& the rabbits there were just for fucking ornaments.
what the fuck are they owning rabbits for, we dont know.
PLUS after all that hot sun (omfg. i cant believe myself!). that mosquito bitings. that HELPING to change rabbit water (nearly can grow seaweed lah sial). that dusty environment.

suka suka je??!
lanciao. damn piss off with this kinda ppl sak.

-irresposible, full of themselves, dun tink bout others, FUCKING SELFISH. at least inform sis lah that they going lunch? think she happy2 arh wait for u? NTG TO DO WHOLE DAY EXCEPT WAIT FOR U AH? knnccb. damn motherfuckers noe these ppl. sorry if sister is offended. but watever. i dunno them. & first impression i have is THAT. *shrugs*

-never FEED PETS. dat is considered ABUSE. (tho they did put cabbage. the water??? HUH? HWCOME CAN GROW SEAWEEDS???) i shall report them to people with authority (damn. i forgot address. must ask**. >=( kimak!!! if u hire me oso can lah cheapos. such an easy thing to do like change water oso so hard like ask u go kill ur granpa lidat. some more SO MANY ppl working each day noe??!! & NONE are that responsible? can go get ready to die already lah.

BUT. after all that irresponsibility, they still sheltered the bunnies. FINALLY. an act of kindness. *snorts*

dat was the most awesomest trip of stupidity & irresponsibility i’ve ever seen in one day.
not complainin cos den gt somtg to blog abt.

i better stop here before i start abt the WHOLE PLACE & the ppl & start to get all bitchy like complain about what they were wearing. -__-” *zip*

& thanks to Asra for banquet too. ^^ ohh & thanks to both Sara & Asra for accompanying me to that place. yay! finally gotten an idea of it all.

this grey bunny looks sick. =/ hair falling off. dunno whthr is cos he long haired or sick. sigh* but he was very quiet unlike the others. big possibility its sick. OMFG!!

cute bunny. *awwwww*
the cabbage. white & black bunny.
yet again.
the grey sick lookin bunny was my favourite. all were affectionate.. wish i could have carried them up.. )):

these pictures below are taken on Friday at HFC class (in the morning, before lunchtime.)
just a lil tidbit; i am apalled by our teachers that were present that morning, they were behaving so bimbotically, giggling here & there like little girls. SO UNPROFESSIONAL WTF. fucking embarassing. classmates & me (who feel like us) feel embarassed for them. omfg.

Teachers arent sposed to act like that. -___-” damn bitchy lor. wtf.

our super high definition LCD tv screen. (6x normal tv resolution i tinks.) this was when before mirah was sprinkled & slapped on with glitter & all those things. gotta love the eye make up. very spring/summer-ish.
aint the make up artistic? agree with me or die a painful death. (it looked better real life of course) super love the eyelashes… her right (our left) is purple, her left (our right side) is black. [= duh.
vogue seyy.

erm. ahem* dun look to the right pls — it was afterall still morning..
Here are the MUFE ladies… u girls rock as much ok! sorry if my classmates were all over that dude -__-” he wasnt anything special.. except his skills are ahmayzing.
omgosh. i look so fucking demure here.. dont i dont i??? almost to a point where im very proud of myself. *beams*
his french accent’s too strong hence.. a representative (the lady Liza/Leeza etc). LOL.

Oklah seyy.
im just kidding bout that last post.

dont take it too seriously.
& dun worry.
im here cos i needed somewhere to post up pix. -___-” wtf.

yesterday work was fucking bad lah sial

it all started with after school.
i finished at 5pm,
im working at 6pm.
anyone can see that im gonna be late.
(my bad. i forgot to state start at 7pm)

i realize that i forgot to bring black socks while waiting at the bustop for
that godforsaken of a royalty-my-ass, bus 31.
so.. i donno why i did it, but i stupidly called that stupid bitch idah & said

me: “idah, i never bring black socks, camne ah???”
StupidBitch Idah (SBI): “takpe ah, kau pakai je ape yang ader, ok??”
(she sounded rushing. wtf. im like.. )
me: “errr… ok..”
SBI: “ok bye.”

please take note that she didnt MENTION to call Big Manager (BM) at all.
i dunno why the fuck everything went wrong yesterday. but they fucking did.
i fucking just wanna die. & the feeling is still fucking there right fucking now.

before calling stupid bitch,
i smsed her say im gonna be late.
she then told me to go tell Big Manager. (that was e only time she told me to go tell BM.)
so i smsed BM.
BM asked me go call outlet.
which i did.
& that nigga manager said ok.

upon reaching,
i changed & rushed quickly.
feeling hot. sweaty. & sticky. & hair floating all around, uncombed.
but wtf. who cares as long as i reached. (see how dedicated i am)

i didnt worry about my socks cos stupid bitch said so. yes. i am that naive. what the fucking hell. (yes. im so pissed, that my only vocab im gonna stress on is fuck.)

after entering outlet & clocking in,
i went to apologize to nigga saying sorry im late & sorry for the trouble..
& sorry again because.. i have apparently…. also lost my nametag wtf.
then i cant remember what he mumbled.
because for fuck’s sake,
he’s always mumbling. so i just.didn’t.bother.

then i cooled myself down cos it was so hot & everytin was fine……….

UNTIL stupid nigga who is the shift manager IC for that night asked me..

nigga: “asfa, why no socks?”
asf: “eh? uh. i forgot to bring, i called idah just now & she said just wear whatever i have”
nigga: *stops & stares*…..
then he said something like what if the big boss or BM came down & saw me like that..
asf: “but idah said just wear whatever i have.. she said ‘takepla, pakai je ape yg ader..’..”

*nigga proceeds to call idah*

nigga: “idah, what did asfa tell you??”

asf: *getting worried. omfg. this is gonna be so bad. wtf!!*

apparently that supremely fatso fucking stupid bitch of a idah twisted her words..
she said “nola nola, i told her to go call *insert BM’s name* & tell her..”

so now im fucking at fault.

& so nigga told me.
& all the way pls take note that im a very demure, softspoken little bitch with ppl i dunno. i spoke to nigga fucking politely ok???
i NEVER recalled EVER answering him back rudely or WAHTEVER he fucking HAD IN MIND.

so he was saying i should have called the outlet instead of calling that fat stupid bitch.. see how now thing’s are going.. if i called the outlet, he could have covered my ass & bla bla laa dee fucking daa.

& then..
nigga came in & approached me..

nigga: “asf, *insert BM’s name* wants to see you”
asf: “huh? oh no.”

so i went out to see BM.
all because of my fucking memory loss for black socks & innate ability to lose nametags. WTF??

BM: “sit.”
asf: …. *getting scared & looks down*
BM: im sure nigga has talked to you?
asf: *nods head*
BM: “so what happened.” [not a question. but i answered anyway. cos i tink its like a qn wtf]
asf: “i.. forgot to bring my socks.. “
BM: “forgot socks only?”
asf: “and i.. lost my nametag..”
BM: “how can lost? (something within those lines)”
asf: “think i dropped them..”

then she said things like i noe that im working how can still forget laa dee daa.
forget means forget lah wahlao?? what else sak. not like i intentionally never bring what wtf. i truly am sorry i forgot. still these fucked up management ppl (of every fucking company ah eh, generally) can never fucking understand ker??

then she say..
[a thing that was most shocking of all]
that whenever that fucking nigga talk to me, i answer back rudely.

i was fucking speechless noe.
it hit me like a stone thrown at my stomach.
so now im framed. my reputation instantly dropped.
all that forgetting, losing & rudeness now. wtf. which i certainly NEVER did.

there was nothing i could do at the moment bcause i was in the wrong, & if i deny anything it’ll be called denial. flyingfuck lanciao. but it really was fucking unfair.

then BM asked me when my nx wrkg day is at that outlet or at NAC?
i said the latter.
she said i better be in good grooming.
if there is anymore feedbacks about me, they’ll have no choice but to terminate me.

& then she said that i can be rude to that nigga or that spectacled mgr or even the new mgr.. but when things are brought to her (my case) it means its serious. wtfh. i am being framed & i cant do anyting about it! )): i could have cried at that moment.. but if i cried it wun b any good cos she might tink im trynna act pitiful, gain sympathy or that im weak, or that im GUILTY.

then she say the other mgrs are under her.
& i am under them. so i better show respect or something lidat..


all i could do was mengucap banyak2 sak to prevent myself from crying.
afterall its me against the words of a mgr who is UNDER HER. (watever sial) & a stupid fat bitch full timer. im… a noob. jus cos im a noob, ppl bully, ppl frame, etc & i must do as they say? fuck you cibai.

then she said do i have anyting to say.
obviously she meant an apology. so i apologize.
& she say dun apologize to her, go apologize to nigger & ask for her nametag to borrow.

say sorry for something i fucking didnt do?
even if i was rude,
kimak, what if it was the natural way i talk?

so i went in.
i asked for nametag. i was tempted to not apologize (bcos i CANT RECALL wat i did) but thinking back, if BM asked nigga have i apologized, he’d say N-FUCKING-O. so play safe than sorry, i grudgingly said

“& she say i must apologize to u. sorry *insert motherfucker nigga’s name*”

i was rigidly polite after that.

*breath in..*
*breath out*

i can take this.
so now my reputation is down..
better be low profile..
not that i wasnt. but fuck lah.
tell me how fucking suey could i get?

i hope stupid fat bitch & nigga burn in hell arh!!
spineless assholes.

i just cant believe im framed.. & i cannot do anyting about it without further marring my image already. ): ya allah…

PLUS. my period decided to skip happily then & there.. lucky was black pants.

& then nigga also happily decided to finish his job late, so that we all had to wait for him too (a fucking stupid useless tradition these ppl have, i dun c the point, i dun c kfc managers asking staffs to wait for them till they finish their jobs?? what? scared of ghost isit?? kimak..)

so i also BODOH NAK MAMPOS took bus 7. (t’was faster)
stop at clementi… clementi finish bus service.
i really dunno what the fuck was gg on that day but everything was so fuckingwrong..

so i had to walk those long way home alone..
i walk thru the bungalows smre. kimak. fucking scared la i admit!! )):
i thot i heard something u noe.. ):
& i quickly opened my shoes & ran. yes. im cowardly like that.
my feet has blisters now. all bcos of that royalty-my-ass NIGGA.

fuck u nigger. all bcos of u! ASSHOLE!
i swear im gonna take 175 next fucking time!!

tmr im at NAC.
i STILL dun have my nametag.
i smsed BM who fucking chooses not to respond me.

i should just be lighthearted tomorrow.
kena scold pun scold arh.
talk back pun talk back lah.
kena terminate pun.. TERMINATE ARH KANINA.
fuck u uh SIAL nye manusiaz..

& im working the whole of friday sat & sun.
omfg. all 3 days.
im new. & im attached to godforsaken NAC (which has alotta customers)
kyn, who’s been working there all her life, hasnt been attached to anywhere at all..
i blame YOU if anything goes wrong & if i got any feedback.
i dun care if u terminate anymore.
bcos ur ppl suck.. fucking backstabbers.

im gonna go off do yoga now.
im scared for tomorrow. ): wish me luck.


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