cookies & cream cuppie

eh. sorry lah. i read back previous post.

i swear i dunno what the hell i was thinking. -___-“


im back anyway.. back here, i mean.. back.. here as in blogging..
whether u like it or not. x)

i’ve been busy with school.. and work.. (haha. watever. im not working wherever u tink im working mr & miss busybodies. not kfc. not cathay. x) dont bother to noe. im not gonna tell unless u find out urselves. erm. if u suspect im a prostitute.. i have nothing more to say.. hahahaha *snort snort*…)
balancing these two.. is fine.

but what i cant take is im having break outs more T_T

bcos i don’t have enough sleep. ):

ok. watever. anyway.
just last week, i went bowling wif bf. ^^
and i must say, though i suck, it was very fun lah.

i lost ( as expected. wtf)

but yes. i wan go again leyy..

school is manageable. today we did paraffin wax practical test.
i guess i did better than the previous practical test we had (i cant remember what)

*shiny eyes*

i could do both hand/foot (though i suck at wrapping. i dunno wats wrong w me. -_-“) & answered the *ahem* oral questions calmly.

(actually, not calm leh. i was fidgeting the whole time & didnt even sit properly. bad habit of when im panicky. but to make it look more pleasant & professional, i will bluff you guys. wtf)

you know. randomly,
i really miss shopping.
but i got no money till next month.

& the other at FTY (in case u dunno, its Facial TherapY class) we did facial massage.
i enjoyed myself very much. which brings me back to mumbling angrily to myself whether i want body massage or make up.

im not even gonna say anything now. -___-” because the very thought is MAKING ME PISSED. the very thought makes me very much like everyone to die.


*does yoga to calm self down*

on a lighter note. which is not much lighter, instead, is quite depressing.
i am craving cinemas hotdog combo.

everytime when got no money sure like this one.

right now, miu miu is sitting on my lap.
my leg is numb. & even though i keep fidgeting (not only restricted to panicky moments) all she does is move abit to make herself comfortable. i have no heart to push her away.

oh yes yes.
i went to our class blog. & my pic is still not there.
of course. i forgot to send it in. hahahahahahaaha. -___-” nevermind lah.
say im from next class.

and right, in my mailbox. there is soooo many blogstores “updates” & newsletters. -___-“
i don’t remember signing up for ANY of it. wtfwtf.
in fact. i didnt have access to the comp for a whole week!
so what is this. -__-“
but then again, i can never resist newsletters.
(& my mailbox got 100 over emails ))= )

ok. this is such a random post with no pictures.
i am busy. i need sleep. i need money.

oh yes. i should share this with you people. (:

Defence against ATM roberry

Got this message from CISCO. Good to know this when need to use...


If you should ever be forced by a robber to
>>> withdraw money from an ATM
>>>> machine, you can notify the police by entering
>>> your Pin # in reverse.

For example if your pin number is 1234 then you
>>> would put in 4321. The
>>>> ATM recognizes that your pin number is backwards
>>> from the ATM card you
>>>> placed in the
>>>> machine.
>>>> The machine will still give you the money you
>>> requested, but unknown to
>>>> The robber, the police will be immediately
>>> dispatched to help you.
>>>> This information was recently broadcasted on TV
>>> and it states that it is
>>>> seldom used because people don't know it exists.
>>>> *
>>>> Please pass this along to everyone possible.*

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