kitty fame post

MY SHENG SIONG POST! i love sheng siong. ^^ im crapping. but so what?! tis is my outlet for feelings. =D

this movie is sooooo sweett!!! =D made me happy!

i want color pencils too ):
this is the choco shelfs..
Toblerone! ((: in huge big packets!
The hersheys shelf..
i love tis tin… but d chocolate quality??? =/ hmm.

passion is a POSERRRR. heh~ sorrehhh..
i like their wrappings…
the cadbury shelf.. (:
i want these cookies soon…
is tis new or wat??
tis reminds me of the “pillows” biscuits..
ahem* australian ones… *fan*
see! it used to be $0.95.. T_T nowwww iissssss *sobs* $$1.05

not as nice as kinder tho..
ahem* can i… plsplspls moooommmmm???
check out the zoom in below..
NO TRANS FAT OK! APE LAGII…. EAT ALOT LAA! *gorges face inside these heavnly fries*
instant pizza ^^ for those kids who always at home alone & no food..

vitagen has new wrapping!! cuuutee!
me & nuty max ^^
i bought a penknife incase some bangla decides to get kurang ajar with me.. *stabs the air*
i don’t c wats the point of this pictures but i just put ’em up.. ^^ my blog mah.

eeeekkk! who’d wanna have this???!!! like luohan fish lidat! UGLY. saw tis at FEP..

& they all have the same pose when they sleep.. this is Choky..

Orange.. on my bed.. [yes. i got alotta books on my bed. why? cos i read at night. i love reading.]

me sees you… me no mouth..

*evil glare*

*ahhhhhhhhhhh…..*sound effect* silhouette of Orange.
“zzzzzzzzzz… djfjhfuweu u ppl..”
“duwaaanna take pichass.. i sayyd i dunwannaa” *struggles* *camera snaps*

see his super juuuuuiiiiiccccccyyyyy stripess!! *fan*

” what the…” O.O

halpp me. i wanna get outta tis housey!

why i loaded up their photos? becaaaaauuuseeee its always me & friends photos at my blog nowadays.. so i have given them some fame here too. ^^ we’ve got 7 kitties if u wanna noe.

this is their family photo.. click to biggify! introducing to you my family kitties..



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