hahahaahahhaahha… *laughs while looking at camera* *kyn snaps the picture*
i ALWAYS manage to make myself look like such a small kid beside her. -___-“” WHY??!
FAAAAATTTTTTTTT…. me. i mean. ok. im being such a bimbo on this post! BUT. i am gaining weight lah.. wtfwtfwtf.

the ugliest yet u’ve seen of me.. [or us. ahem* cough*] KYN STEP CUTE JEK. tis is spose to b an ugly shot ok!! i’ll get u to be ugly one day.
yup. i HAVE gained weight. OK. focus ur attention to the other 2 pls.

*hahaahhehehehahhha* *SNAP*
ya allah. why are my arms so flabby & i look so fat here! wtf.wtf.wtf.
=D arfah is adorable. in my opinion.
kyn look so innocent.. in my opinion..
ooops. arfah is not a reader of my blog. ^^
oh no~ u can see me nostrils.

mygod. why am i so small. -____-“

omfg. someone who was searching for “minahrep skinnies” chanced upon my blog.. TWICE! ohh— the shame.. T_T why me?! why google?? why??

i suppose someone tipped me off about XL??
if nobody tipped me; or if XL actually chanced upon my blog (umm. right. ok.)

oklah xl. sorry for misunderstanding u. ^^

i am gonna be late for something.. & i have decided the thing that i wanna tell u ppl, i shall not tell u ppl.. for reasons of my own.

& if somebody is unhappy —

*froths at mouth*
i dunch care!

fuck u.

p/s: someone is stalking me. nope. its not my imagination. & not physically. lets be careful now shall we?



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