i have just came back from the shops.

here’s the story.
i went to prima deli,

prima girl: hi..?

asf: hi. 1 double chocolate pls.

prima girl: ok.

asf: *rubs eyes cos sleepy & sick*

prima girl 2: *waves at asf to get attention* would you come in to pay pls?

asf: oh. yeah, ok.

Now, now. normal chocolate waffles at prima deli cost $1.40. i bought the double chocolate one, which costs $1.80.

prima girl 2 keyed in $1.40.

& what the cock can. miss smartypants asf blurted out before she could stop herself. (that was some honest ghost that came into me! it wasnt me!)

asf: mine is double chocolate. *nods meaningfully at prima girl*

prima girl 2: oh yes, sorry ha. *rekeys the correct amount*

asf: *smacks head*

k$34@##@45^%6% is wrong with me?!
ya allah. why am i so honest?? hmm? why???

& ontop of that.
i had to be so clumsy infront of a girl i extremely loathe,

who just came back from school.


now she’s prolly thinking how she’s better than me.

& WHY am i behaving like this?

i tell u why.
its bcos im down with fever/flu. watever cock shit im suffering from right now.
my nose is running like a tap water.
i need to look good by thursday ok!!

*grabs a glass of water & drinks*

so ahem*

i noe. sick ppl shdnt consume chocolates.
oh, wtc.
i had to!! -__________-“

chocolates are ruling my life nowadays.
STOP IT ASF. shh. shutup. never speak again.

i go read some blogs now mmmkay??

tomorrow… anyone free? i really2 wanna go out ):
ask me ask me!


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