i am VERY VERY HAPPY. things are very damn well going my way!

thing # 1: i got accepted somewhere. update soon bout tis sometime coming thursday. x)))

thing #2: my manga! MY OHMYGOD LOVELY MANGA; Vampire Knight is gonna launch an ANIME! [just needa wait them to sub the animes..] BUT. the characters dont look as good as in the manga. -______-” WATEVER. they’re still hot.

thing #3: TODAY IS FINALLY, THE PAY. i am so easily pleased, i know.. i know.. ^^

so… YES.

yesterday’s wedding you say?
well. i don’t even know who the hell’s wedding did i attend,
so im not gonna elaborate on the bride OR groom.

lets elaborate bout the food.
remember i was ranting about nasi minyak, lauk sambal udang (sambal prawns) & lauk lemak ayam?

well. NONE were in the list listed.

Newsflash: oh god. -___-” xiang long (the big eater) just sms-ed me.
XL: asfa. this is xiang long. have u taken ur n cert?
Asf: nopes. [i noe.. i noe.. im wasting $0.05 of my prepaid card. but i duwanna be too frenly incase he asks me to send in my roster of my 1STTTTT job, in which case I SOO DUWAN TO.]
XL:Wan to go together to take? see when u can then sms me.

since when is he buddies with me?
since when has he ever asked me to go anywhere with him?
he doesn’t even talk to me much!! no, really. -_-“

is this some kinda plot to get me to work again?

well, NO CAN DO. heh~ im so evil.
so what???!! huh? huhh???

BACK to the original story.

so there were nooooooo sambal prawns.. NOOOOO nasi minyak (goddamn! when was the last time i ever had tis LOVEEELLLYYY rice??!) & obviously noooooooooooooooooooooooooo lauk ayam lemak (all the dishes were in the color dark brown. as u all malays noe, lauk lemak ayam is yellow, no, not really, gingery color?? WATEVER. im bad at describing colors.

lemme find pix for you..


newsflash 2: godaamn!! i KNEW IT! XL msged again..
XL: oh ya (trynna act casual isit?! damn u.) This week u can work?
Asf: ……………. *fumes* but doesn’t reply retarded sms.

this must be a set up of terence. -_______-” esther couldn’t be bothered…
or it could be yy.. not too sure.

eh. i should reply.. if not.. cut pay. HMMS. i’ll say…

Asf: Nopes.
XL: ok..



there. that yellow polaroid pikshur there.. thats the legendary lauk lemak cili padi ayam i want.

why the hell they didnt have that on the menu.. beats me.

so i sulked. -___-“
no prawns. no lemak chicken.

we all had to settle with nasi briyani. & me? took 3 chicken rendang i think. i dunno lah ehks. or curry. i swear. i have no inkling watsoever how its cooked.

its the one below the orange colored tingy. & beside the white mee siam. yes yes. i had 3 pieces of those.

& holy crap.
they’re the hardest & toughest things to eat!
[yes yes, i noe im using fork & spoon to eat] BUT HELLO. im a professional cutlery user ok! i can switch with fork, knives, spoon etc easily with food, heck! i can even take out prawns shells using fork & spoon ok! which alot of my acquaintances are not qualified to. *evil glint*.

ahem* im a professional eater, of course.

but noooooo… i struggled, wrestled & danced around with that godforsaken piece of chicken on the plate. & only got BITS of it. -_____-” i was too lazy to eat with my hands. so yup. i endured.

the ones i didnt want to eat were the chicken skin. but i had to. because those were the easiest access.


*insert sad msn emoticon*


they gave us packets to bring home *beams*
& i enjoyed every bit of it at home.
instead of the hard chicken, i received a hard curry chicken.
but oklah. cos eat using hand. thats FINE. the curry was very.. umm.. watery lah.

no impact one. -____-“

watever, food is still food ^^ & it was still nice.

the kids got CHOCOLATES lah sey.

adults (excl me, who acted emo & didnt receive ANYTING. i know.. i KNOW! how could they! just because!) recieved some silly glass token.

now now parents of bride/groom to be.. or bride/groom themselves who’re reading.. or possibly not reading..

when u have weddings, donut give out useless things such as these anymore.

give something more practical..

thing #1: towels. handkerchiefs. u can never have enough of these for your home..

thing #2: chocolates. not only kids love chocolates ok. adults of age 30 still love chocolates too.. & they’re jealous that kids get these kinda lovely treats.. so do u mind?? u can never go wrong with chocolates in pretty wrappings. ^^

thing #3: bunga telur. or, fine. they’re practically eggs. they’re edible.

thing #4: u can give us movie tix. or anykinda tickets to anywhere thats fun. thats EVEN more practical, & fun is a thing families would need nowadays. 4 tix per family is FINE. or even 2! i mean, watever floats ur… umm.. wallet, ya noe. ^^

because, me, as a cat owner speaking. have no use for glass ornaments. no matter how pretty.

talking about families,
many friends i know now.. have family problems.
all i can say is..

hope it all turns out alright in the end..
if you’re the kid of the house,
talk to the parent in the wrong since you’re adults already.
if the parent really loves you, im really sure he/she would listen to their beloved child.

so have a go, try to talk.

if you haven’t try, you’ll never know.

these paragraphs are directed at YOU. yes, you, who is feeling uncomfortable right now. (:

jia you, ok?

Yes.. yes. finally, i also wanna put up this post.., People i Love.

PPL i Love: in no particular order
– kyn. the sopan bitch.
– hassy. the burping bitch.
– allie. the skinny bitch.
– anissa. the cleavage bitch.

– Hasina, the pri. sch bff & still is.
– Lizah, the troublesome bitch but fun & silly. [& who doesn’t read my blog btw.]
– Noraishah. the nice colleague, whom i dunno wat she’s thinking half the time.
– Wan Ling. the bestest mgr i ever had.
– Yuying. ” “

-The mom. who’s noisy 3/4 of my life but i think she loves & cares for me.
-My sisters. who i only started getting close to since i grew up.
-The bf. who is a trouble but some kinda bliss in my life.
-The cats. who i’ll choose over anybody anytime, tho they’re so ungrateful.

maybe there’s some more. when i can think, i’ll add in ok.

if u’re not here, its not that i dun love u lah. stop crying ok. maybe i just forgot. i got some memory problems.


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