ytd while at town, i saw the haughty bitch & the bf [whom i served & mentioned on wednesday, april 2 2008’s post (check out the nearly ending paragraphs).] at topshop bugis j.

sadly. i didn’t get to do anything to her. -____-“

as if i would. HEH! i’d love to. no, really.

The bitch… well. god gave me chance to anyway.
but i have a choice. & i chose not to do anything rash.


mcm pahaaaaammm..

im MIAing for sometime from some people.
depends whether i’ll blog or not. x)

heh! oh yes.
i am really excited about something..
but i will not post about it till prolly after thursday next week..

heh! i looooooveeeeee keeping things hanging don’t i?? bleaaahhh* =D

&&. fuck cathay.
one of the things im MIAing from is THEM.

vell vell..
lets velcome asfaaaa to some uzzer new jobsss shall vee?

i am going out to.. maybe town today.
just waiting for bf to get ready.

his getting ready is like a girl man.

[im secretly a guy. hahahahahaahhhohhohooh…. ok. im soooo crazy.. i feel soooo light hearted & happy.. & actually i’ve got flu tho. )))): pls pray for my recovery okieeee..]

mwah! bye bye! going listen some songs now, waiting for my GIRLfriend of a bf to get himself ready. heh! it doesnt hurt to wait sometimes. FINE!

p/s: i will update more soon. (:


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