so i’ve just come back from picking up mum from dialysis. [yes, yes, its all very sad. but lets move on pls.]

we have to wear these pair of ridiculous covers for our shoes (or, in my case, slippers) omg. they are uncomfortable. irritating & just plain nuisance. & of course, we look ridiculous. i don’t get the point of it. why? why must we wear ’em?

anyone gots any ideas? do explain to me. thanks.

the ridiculousness of it all!
even the nurse. im sorry. identity not exposed. LOL.

part of the place. (:

HERE! Nkf’s latest wonder! this was what i couldn’t wait to post about. isn’t it amazing? Nkf has compiled alotta super healthy recipes chosen by 11 of their patients & has published it into a…. COOKBOOK. woaaaahhh!!!

Nkf’s very own yeah! i’m real shocked, proud & happy for them. & the patients too, of course. (: thanks to the patients, they made this possible. (hey, publishing any book at all, isnt an easy task y’know. Anyways, this cook book was officially launched on 16march 08.

It’s not only available in local book stores, but also in leading book stores of the Asian region. It’s also available online at (double woah)

they gave us (the patients, mum incl) a complimentary copy of the cookbook for “you & your family” right. who’s gonna cook? sigh*

HEY. the recipes are pretty much real healthy & may i also say.. quite awesome?

I especially LOVE the recipe below by Mdm Ipah Said.

The recipe’s called… “Fried white pomfret marinated with Local Spices”

& they also have these useful nutrient value tables.. to gauge how much of each nutrient are you consuming, in the specified dish. useful.. very useful..

a little picture of my favourite recipe in the book. ^^

you wanna the recipe? email me lor. =D


p/s: i see that tomorrow’s gonna be an interesting judgement day. (no, not THAT judgement day.. but.. a minor kind..) wish me luck, even tho u dunno wat it is!


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