Today was the first time i ever got shortage.
because i am now officially running my ownnn counter.
at first i was elated to own my very own ID, password, name card etc.
now i think back..

hurr hurr hurr.

oh yes.
the management do not care abt me. (as guessed, of course)
at all. they even forgot all abt giving me the items listed above.
if not for jennifer — my trainer for today [who’s very good box officer.]
i would prolly be running around as a trainee for the rest of my life.


i had a money shortage of $2.70.
& that mr. spectacles die die wanted me to pay on the spot.
yes yes.
its all very well that its a small amount. (oh, i had to borrow from yy. lucky she was around.. got her own side story ofcos.)
but after hearing stories from.. reliable sources (doesn’t mean only box officers yea)
there are other girls who have shortage of… check this;

now now.. people..
thats all very fishy.
its a weekday, & you can have a shortage of perfect circle $100.
isn’t it? tix are $7.50 weekdays man.
of course this all happened months ago.
but whatever, one reliable source said..
“never put your trust on any of the managers here.”

because apparently.
mgrs are sometimes playing punk too. *shrugs*

they certainly look unreliable. not all.
namely some.

man. that place is damn black can?

i feel so unsafe.
now than i am starting to appreciate kfc so much more..
but i guess, it’s usually depends on the mgr themselves.

i also kena cheated by that god damned kfc manager jennifer before.
stole $20+++ of my money. fuck her. i still can never forget that incident.
i’ve been cashier for so long & not once kena shortage..
when come her shifts EVERYfuckingTIME shortage siak.
wtfuckinghell. & not little shortage ok! ITS ALOT., in one nite?
ppl will be thinking wtfh am i doing while taking orders.
watever. let it go. its past.

i just dun wan that to happen to me again.

so yes.
i’ve been doubting this job since i got in siak.

i just feel like skipping work tmr.

i dun give a fuck whether i get pay or not.
i just wanna get outta there..
& not be in any danger.

ying offered to take care of my shortages for me since im so freaking broke rite now.
not a cent on me.
& atleast last till end of tis week..

i dunno.
i’ll think abt it.

sorry 4 d depressing posts. ^^

till i feel better..


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