so hello.
yesterday work?
u may be asking..

well. good news lah really.
im almost ready to run my own counter.

hasriaty’s a real wonderful person.
though i thot she looked abit.. M.R before..
i risked myself to prove wrong by chatting with her.
& she’s wonderful. ^^

the only things im not ready is..
stapling of receipts..
nebo card discounts..
cathay gift vouchers..
still very2 unsure..

but right..
the real problem is this..
gg home in the mornings..

i know that they’ve informed us before we got in the industry.
but now, im like.. thinking twice..

it’s bad for my health..
& i don’t really like it.
i noe i said yes yes excitedly in the interview..
but now. i don’t like my position.. + gg home in the mornings IN THAT position.
makes me soo… feel so.. “eurgh”??

oh no. so gonna get into trouble.

i’ve been thinking my ass off since ytd.
& i never stopped thinking since..
thinking of what measures should i take..
should i quit? work under f&b (oohlala! yes!)

anyway. one thing i’ve gathered is..
the ppl working there..
there’s just too many.
roster resquests.. will be all over the place..
& most likely, i won’t be allowed it.

why should i anyway?
im new. & unimportant.

they don’t even bother to get to know me. they judge me by my looks.
they think im unreliable (so sister says) & etc. watever they may think i am,
or watever YOU may think i am before even knowing me. right?
man. i really don’t like the management there. but i guess its normal human instincts.

i shouldnt blame them.


i just..
sigh. i regret i guess.

i know you think its too early to judge anything..
but.. i guess i really want f&b afterall.
i want to work in a small place..
somewhere that has little staffs in one shift so that i get to know them well easily.
somewhere small. somewhere with food..


i miss kfc with wan ling.
very very much.
without her it was so lonely & empty seys.
ok. im not lesbian..
just that we had fun wrkg tgdr..
& she protected me from all kinds of situations i got myself into.

newsflash: omg.
i’ve just checked my junk mail inbox..
someone actually signed me up for this site
its abit freaky cos i’ve never even heard of this site. at all. nada. zip. zilch.
but here it is.. email add & screen name all ready for me ..


BUT. im actually grateful to whoever the person is.
could it be.. my sisters? O.o r u? huh huh?
or maybe.. its some sorta.. default program or something..??

this mail was sent on sunday, march 30.

ok. anything. ur so caring, thanks!
note: sadly. i’ve got neither paypal nor credit card.

anyways. yes. lemme continue on with my story.
i was just browsing thru pix of me & ling’s kfc days.
they nearly made me tear.

im actually craving for long john now.
& erm. kfc. =X
i miss being cashier there.
ok *slaps self* wat the hell is wrong with me.

get over the past.

since im this tree-nation thing.
i wanna plant a sunflower for myself.
the giant one. i’ve been wanting one since 2yrs ago. but never made to it.
so right now, i want ppl to tell me where the hell am i to get the seeds.
do tell ok! me needs it.

ok. ytd was april fools day.
i got tricked by wan ling.
the sms involved an unknown number, and..
“go to hell with you! if u hate me so much dun talk behind my back bla bla etc etc..”
[if u received it, happy belated april fools]

it was just after my bath..
i was only clad in my towel.. holding my phone.. staring.. thinking..

“who the fuck is this?”
after much pondering…

“oh damn! shitties! could it be……… CATHAY MANAGEMENT?! or… or.. rejecting retard by any fuckin chance?! oh no oh no! how’d they discover my blog?! so now.. should i go to work or not leyy! since they found out!”

& then afew seconds of trembling later..
a new sms arrived..
yes. i was trembling. not quite of fear, but of shock.

skali… “btw, this is ling, this is my new number *animated smiley* take cares!”

okay. she gave me a heart attack.
i called her in my moment of panic.. just to confirm..
why i wanna confirm? so that in case it wasnt ling, i could just skip work & go M.I.A forever.

i don’t think blogging is talking behind a person’s back.
because.. everyone knows that u can search for a person’s blog.
so a person isnt really talking behind ur back if they talk bout u in their blogs, they know that anytime u can search for it.
if u dunno that anybody can search for ur blog, ur the saddest f*** ever. so sorry to say. but now u know, watch ur back.
thats my opinion, watever u think.

oh yes.
ytd was ALMOST perfect!
saha didnt even take notice of me!
he pretended i was invisible.
thats wonderful! no, really!
because i’d rather nobody nagged bout my hair. appearance. pants or watever & just let me continue living my life peacefully.

so yups.

ytd i served one haughty bitch & the bf.
[which was when i just started learning running my own counter. so was abit panicky]
after my clumsy service.. she stared & rolled her eyes at me & strutted off.
i had such a trouble refraining myself from flinging the NETS machine at her!!
what a fucking bitch.
if i see her again, i SWEAR im gonna rip her pretty little head off!
the least i could do is… trip her anyway.

BITCH. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch.

im still fuming bout her after 24hrs passed.

today im doing basement counter again.

oh btw, noraishah, if ur reading..
lany is diff lahhs. LOL. got the wrong person. ^^
the 1 interviewed us wasnt lany. LOL. paiseh paisehh…

better be off now. wish me luck today!

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