Brownie cookie with coconut creem sandwiches.. credits to
it looks so damn delicious.

i am still awaiting pikshurs of saturday.
saturday was fun of course..
but i had mood swing towards the end. -.-“

watever lah.

myb cos i didnt eat, LOLS.
nextime we go out i’ll sure eat lah.

that laughing gas tingy..
is quite freaky.
but i won’t try it again. =/
makes me go bit woozy.

ofcourse it was harmless.
but yeah. -.-“

anyway. kyn felt left out.
she got asthma. she shouldnt try it.

man. the other people were..
laughing hysterically.. & abit too happy. HAHA..

ok. anyway.

i dun wanna elaborate cos there are somethings i hated bout that night.
+ with my moodswing & the irritation of it all.. it made me feel very… irritated & hateful.

that was saturday for you.
oh btw. in the morning watched soccer tournament..
bf had red eyes & red skin by the end of the day..
cos of the sun.
tsk tsk tsk. so poor thing.

& then sunday..
was okay i suppose.
slacked at home..
nothing to do..

asra [witch #3] made pasta! [i’ll load the pix soon]
it was very tasty.. ^^
im not a noodle or pasta person.. but still, it was commendable.

we watched bridget jones & harold & kumar while eating..
very enjoyable. ^^

oh yes.
about my roster..
tuesday im working 5-10pm.

there are so many things im unhappy about..

soon, there’ll come a time where i have to decide which i wanna take..
body massage or make up…
i really really wanna take both.
i really really like massage… & i really really like make up..
i hate this. the very thought of it always makes me angry.
i HATE it when i cannot make up my mind.

& then of course there is the box office thingy..
i hate that position.. i don’t wanna be there..
i hate dealing with money. i hate money shortages. i hate just sitting around..
i wanna sell food & be in concess.. there’s more action there.. & then ofcourse..
there’s the food.. the very thought of just handling food makes me tingle with happiness.

& then theres kfc..
i hate working there anymore.

why would i wanna work at somewhere who doesnt wanna raise the staff’s pay jus cos they dun have a fucking star? its like they don’t even treasure the staffs. & the reason i have another job is cos i wanna quit, isn’t it?

the other day i argued with terence bout pay.
“why you work in cathay?”
“bcos you dun wanna raise my pay.”
“i’m just new here.. & how can i raise your pay when u dun have a star? why not you go earn one star & then i raise your pay” [something like that..]

i’ve been working there for so long..
& the pay’s still a godforsaken $3.50.
right now.. the prices are rising.. im sure u all notice that.
even sheng siong’s $0.95 chocolate have gone up to $1.10. lol. ok.
thats just an example. im upset about that as well.

& with a meagre $3.50/hr…
how the fuck is one gonna survive?
sure.. work more..
but that means u have to work ur ass off isn’t it?
might as well.. go & move over to somewhere with a higher pay.
$1.00 is alot when put together with all the hours you know.

i’m very upset about everything..

& then theres also the day i fought with a rider..
i was tired..
& then there was a complaint order..
& he said everytime im working sure got complaint order..
so don’t talk to me later i wont concentrate..

translated to english:
“then u go pack yourself lah if dun wan complaints?”
“im a rider.. ur the packer, you should do properly what?”
“then shut up lah if u wan us to pack!”
“you always pack with complaint one!”
“you go pack yourself lah if u wan it to be so perfect!”

*mumbles to self*

“mouth like girl siak! shut up can anot?!”

stress you know..

what an asshole.
his nickname is “punk”
he is anything but punk.
*snort* cant imagine how the fuck he even got his nickname.

so yups. ):

i feel like moaning myrtle from harry potter..
maybe i should go lepak at the bathroom now..

p/s: its been a long time since i saw Ms.Manis [witch #1] ):
pp/s: i think me & a bestie has since drifted apart.. somehow or other.


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