yay. 1 group of erm. jolly people? not so jolly i suppose..
^^ i dunno wat the heck i was attempting.
anissa is under depression. she would gladly, do a suicide than go cheerleading. i guess. or, i hope..

yes so since it was raining (u DO remember it rained heavily didnt u?) we sat at the kopitiam at the last floor of marina sq & drank hot milos like granmas. it was sooooo comforting i tell you..
check out kyn’s chinese eyes. lolllll
aaaaaaattttt LJS FEP.

god. i look so chubbs here. -.-” kyn umm. nice smile.. (???)

so yeah. on last saturday, 22nd mar 08 we went out.. (: umm. towards the end [barely 9pm] everyone went on their own way. it was so super not fun lah on that day. -.-” hope to have another meeting which is fun as usual. umm. so yeahhs. & we didnt even visit espl. -.-” not that its a MUST. just that.. OH YES. i bought my “save the whales” tshirt at bugis V with kyn after that.. ((:
these are so long ago. they’re forgotten. ^^ so bring it back.we look so happy *teary eyed* T.T
ofcourse i simply had to be at the back. -.-“
yay! tight violent hugg!! we look so cute together.. *dewy eyed*

Just a little photo entry about friends on saturday.
i noe i noe. its so damn late already.

ok. TRULY. goodnight!

p/s: i am starting to like pink. kill me someone. -.-“


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