i simply LOVE her eye make up. mygooosssh.
this is banquet’s lemon chicken rice. i am still in love with it.
the slight crunch & tender chicken pieces are the love of my life..
the sauce could have been better though. quite disappointed with it =/
& the fragrant rice. (: makes me very contented. oh yes. ofcourse i had to forget the soup. -.-” dammit.
i want the blue ankle boots. =/
i fed this resident SP kitty with popcorn chicken. i think it’s a kfc fan.
ah ying ofcourse. ^^
umm. so random lahh. -.-” on a particular moonlit night @ SP.
i rescued this little bug when we were washing floors at sp. so poor thing. when nana was washing under the chicken FC, out flew (& rolled) this tiny little bug, injured & couldnt fly.. so i took a piece of serviette & it climbed up. tho i was slightly afraid of it, it stayed still. & then i put it down on the crates outside our outlet. (: it rested 4 awhile. i came back after 1/2 hr. it was still there.. & then when i came 4 a 2nd look, it was gone. ^^ i SAVED A BUG. man, i feel good!
this is my new boyfriend. AH BOY.
handsome little AH BOY is XL (the big eater’s) new PET guinea pigg! ((: handsome righhhhht??
random school pikshur. while doing pedicure. man. im starting to miss school. BUT NVM. ENJOY THE HOLS WHEN U CAN! (:
she look so sad.
ATTACK OF THE COW. miu miu is a COW in black & white.
hehe, long time never post my pikshur nehhh… ^^ puke all u VANT. i DONUT gif a damnnneee

today went out at about 3pm.

yay! did i tell u?
i bought a new “save the whales” t shirt. UBER CUTE… (: so in love wif it laaah. dammit. *starry eyed*

heres my lovely tshirt. ok. i dunno wats with the hand. so umm, quit looking at my hand i say! -.-“”

anyway. went out to mit bf at around 3pm.
had lunch at home 1st. LOL.
asam pedas maaaahh.. my favourite.. *swoooonnnnn*
so yups.

& then..
first first we went…
yes yes people!

u should go the GV there nextime..

our theater (we watched semi pro) WAS ALMOST EMPTY.
it was a HUGE space..
with not much people. (below 10. hows?)

so yups.
semi pro sucked hardcore.
so halfway thru, he wanted to get out.
erm. yea. both wanted to get out.
so we got out.


the staffs were shocked hw come we’re out..
& then one of ’em went in to check if the movie was faulty or wat but found everything was ok..
they looked puzzled. ^^

if ur reading this, which i doubt,
ppl, dont waste money on semi pro. ^^ loveloves.

we ate at secret recipeeeee of PS after that.. ^^
i had chicken cordon bleu with strawberry milkshake (mygoodness. damn good.)
he had dunno wats-its & vanilla milkshake. ^^

my chicken cordon bleu. the chicken is stuffed with ham & cheese. ahhhhmygoooddddd. must come back for ittt! [when im damned hungry ofcos]strawberry & vanilla milkshakes!!! imma great fan!his dunno-wats-its i mentioned. so after secret recipe.
we sent his mum’s hp to repair.
umm. the touch screen pad no lighting. no biggie.
but watefurrr.

then after zats.
we went home. YEAHH. (:

OK. GDNITE. its 1:02am now!


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