the other day when i was working… we had THESE PIZZAS FROM our next door neighbour ofcourse: PIZZA HUT. (;
pepperoni & cheeseeeee… YUMMY!!

chicken something something.. or was it aloha or hawaiian something.. I FORGOT.
Thank you teacher for this little freebie. ^^
i think it’s branded. i’m positive it is. but i look like a vampire if i wear this. but i love it. ^^
since it’s been a long time since i showed u my little prince & princesses at home.. HERE THEY ARE.. [= thats chum chum..
this is handsome aka anson..
chum chum’s wide awake cos im near..
after afew hours.. she didnt realize im still snapping away…
anson lovess scratches on his spine area.. mom’s the free one to do that.. so here’s a peek at this little service.. [=
a little comic on miu miu… looking up..
on the wayyy..
climb abit moree..
“alriteyy.. lemme balance myself now ontop of these magazines..”
JUICY BOY ANSON. yups. we witches (2,3 & 4) are a big fan of this big guy. kinda like being crazy over Sean Kingston really..

choky looks so stoned here..
this is the wonderful donuts witch # 2 Sara brought home the other day!
see see! i love the white ones… THEY’RE DELICIOUS. & these donuts are damn super soft!
Nina & me..
i miss this girl here.. we managed to meet up last week & today.. YAY! =D
stephanie & me… she looks so god damned pretty here…
see XL (the big eater) at his works again! this time.. “Fries Bandito” my goodness.. .reallyy..
ah ying was so tired the other day (keep running around day & night, not enuf sleep) & fell into a little nap..
she even ignored my fish ole i cut for her.. (if i were her, i’d still be hungry enuf.. sleepy or not!)
sheena & me.. i look so fat.
sheena, me & wati.. check out wati’s tragic expression. she looks like she lost a love one man. LOLS. noooo.. she was just sick. ^^ thats all. she’s alrite now.
sheena, me (the extra) & Zyzy
the same ol’ same ol’… but i look abit… weird here.. t’was the make up ofcourse! LOLS.
this is nina… she after make over.. compared to she looks better there.. right? agree with me or DIE.

it’s been raining heavily isn’t it? VERY LOVELY weather… to read till i fall asleep. ^^ sighhhh~
though today was really hot till i turned red while walking. ): sigh* i really2 cannot face the sun.. i can’t stand it. yes. i sound so bimbo. but its the truth. T.T

i have nothing to say. oh yes. the thing i promised to tell you?

i may have a second job..
provided, they don’t forget bout me.

so yuPs.

thats what i met noraishah about..
we went to apply & interview (:
the manager was really nice lady.. or was it supervisor.
i dunno. *shrugs*

i just hope i do get it.
they said i have..
training was today. but because i was schooling..
then the person asked me “when’s your holidays?”
“uhh.. 22nd..”
“oh.. ok.. then we’ll arrange yours next time.. ok? alright.. thank you.. bye..”

so yups.
hopefully they do remember me..
atleast noraishah is in already..

so yups. thats all. LOLS.


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