Hey! had a really FILLING dinner with witch #2 ^^.
mutton chop & donuts..

im soooo sooooo contented.
i always get grumpy when im hungry.

like ytd..
i didnt have money for lunch..
& i suddenly evolved into gloomy girl the mood spoiler.

i went off alone..
answering questions with one words..

even when teacher told us lesson was cancelled & we could go home..
i didnt cheer up..
i went off home.. called mum & asked if there was anyting to eat before i went to mit noraishah at cathay cineplex (note: will blog bout it in next post [which is gonna be super long, i swear])

& the thot of food kept me going [=
so see?
IM SUCH a glutton laaaa…
i mean, i live in clementi.. i was in simei…
i went home at clementi, from simei.. just to have lunch, & then back again to somerset.

thats how far i’d go JUST for food.
i live to eat ;]

today is a saturday.
& i was a good girl. didnt go out.
stayed home. slept & computer-ed (if there’s such word)
read mangas & etc.

& in awhile im to pick mum up.


last thursday witch #3 forgot to pick mum.
luckily mum was having a good day & wasnt headache-ey.. & arrived home safely.
*shakes head*

so yups.
i am off to surf before 9.30 comes.
& i will blog soon.



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