Hello there.. (:
i know i’ve complained bout working today,
but infact, it wasn’t as bad lah.

those working were.. Kai le, the weirdo but quite a nice person, no matter how weird he is, Xiang Long [XL the big eater, remember him? the guy with the HUGE appetite..], Suhaimi.. the one who stole PSP.. aiyooo.. but he seems nice. dunno lah. i’m not in the position to judge now, am i? ^_* as long as there’s no harm done to me or whatever, i hold no grudges. hehs.

so yeah. there were 5 riders today, since it was a saturday (actually not many orders ley. so i don’t really get it, why??)

Anyways. while there were no orders, i just sat, staring into space, alone. apparently looking very lonely indeed. BUT SO DOES SUHAIMI LAH WAHLAO. why pick on me??!

isit written on my face that i’m lonely???? (!!!) oklah.
maybe it is. =/ some say sad. sigh* am i really that bad in hiding facial feelings?? T.T

So, Ricky first approached me (he’s one of the deaf riders..) he wrote on napkin.. “are you sad that ling has left?” aiyah. so sorry if the sentence sound like you died or something, ok ling?? hahaaaaa… i nodded lor.. then he wrote.. “where is she now?” i say i dunno. haha. i lazy to elaborate nehh.. all i know is office-ey work. right? haish. so educated looking job. then he say “never call/contact her?” i say “by msn..” oh.. he nodded & left to send his order. haiz. so i went back to my brooding.. because im lonely.. no noraishah to entertain me.. nobody to chat2 with.. ): no ling somemore.. thats evident lahh.

& then Kai Le say suddenly while he walked past me (i did mention he’s the weird2 type didnt i? so you must expect some weird comments from him, i’ve braced myself, i so totally was expecting this.. NOT.) “you’re really a lonely kind of person.. even though you got many friends..” “WHAT?! where got??!!” “the more you react, the more it is true” (something like that) “no la! i’m not lonely! really really!”


then i changed subject lah. ask him.. how’s sec 5? difficult arh?
“haha, you think..?”
“must be lor.. seeing lizah & adilah all cannot cope oso..”
“i failed all my tests..”
bla bla bla..
then he started talking bout adilah & her crazy antics.. & he remarked..
“she’s also another lonely girl..”
i nearly choked myself to death at that sentence lahh. luckily i haven’t die yet of heart attack.
“umm, are you sure? how you know? she seems cheerful to me..”
“yup, it’s all through the eyes.. people put on a mask when they’re outside. They’re only true to themselves when they’re alone…” quoted, Kai Le. hahks. thats a really deep sentence. after saying that, he just walked away to cook some more chicken.


dramatic, i know.
but it’s so meaningful, it’s scary. ):
he’s wunnerful. in terms of thinking.
like, you cant hide anything from him, like he can see your thoughts..
like.. you can ask him “are you thinking what i’m thinking B1?” & he’ll be replying “yes, i think i’m thinking what you’re thinking B2..”

damn scary can.

last friday,
we were supposed to hand up our LLA homework..
we were to type out resume & search for job adverts.
practically the whole class didnt hand up.
we made alot of wonderful believable stories to lie thru our teeths.

when she approached us.
she clearly didnt believe our stories..
DESPITE the cute innocent looks we were giving her.

what a difficult teacher.
she thinks too much. chill babe!

I keep eating alot sia!! T.T HELP ME!! S.O.S!!!!!

i need to go running.

im getting chubbier & chubbier by day!
because when i gain weight, i gain at the cheeks.. DARN IT!!
i don’t feel pretty at all. ):
maybe i wasnt in the first place?


today is a saturday, tmr is a sunday..
monday, need to hand up LLA homework. aiyah. i dunno how to do.

nvm2. will ask around ltr2 on.

i miss it when i’m not schooling, but when i am schooling, i just wanna go home. like wth right..

& this is just a little note to girls:
never underestimate guys, not only the good-looking ones are flirts, but, the ugly ones are too. so that shows you HOW all guys are SO FREAKING ALIKE. ^^ take that, jerks!! know how i know that? because of the riders at kfc. ^^ one of ’em that is.

recently mirah got her heart broken by some truth. i know the truth hurts right? we all know the truth hurts. but really, i guess we all are better off knowing the truths. without truths, we would just accuse & make wrong decisions or choices & watever nots. the saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you..” when the person does get to know, i hope you’ll get slaughtered.

that dance girl is a total bitch.
promised to keep the secret of mirah’s, just between she & mirah,
but the next day, announced the secret to the WHOLE of the freaking god damned dancers. WTFFFFHELL.
that was fucking uncool, girl!
we all couldnt believe our ears when we found out the truth (after having accused another guy for blabbing.. we wre pretty wrong, tho he did add fat to the fire..)
we respected you & looked up to you! we thought you were so wonderful! but after the truth, we thought you were VERY LOW.

how embarassed & humiliated you made her??
& that guy she liked, like ignored her?? whats the meaning man??
WHAT A GAY! -.-” irritating assholes lah you all! go die & make mirah’s life easier. make my sore eyes get better also. wahlao. such cowards don’t deserve to live.

*i am entitled to my own opinions. so shut the fuck up already, if you’ve got anything to say or apologies to be made (WHICH U FUCKING WELL DO), try & reach us. thank you, loser.* we don’t care how OLDER you are than us, YOUR BEHAVIOR WAS TOTALLY CHILDISH & SO NOT MATCHING TO YOUR AGE. please grow up & learn to respect people.

Random moments: today.ended the day with Pizza Hut’s BBQ dunno-whatsits. They exchanged with our chicken. *huge grin* yo. i love the taste man!
see see these ppl..
quite noisy.. even though it was evening.. sky’s darkening.. they’re still there… practising.. while some…
DO ARCHERY! i think it’s so cool lah, archery. sigh* i can just shoot some asshole from behind.
IF YOU SLEEP, THE BENEFITS ARE: biggify this & read it. [= i’m so nice to you, i know.. you’re welcome.

Schooling Moments:

Do i look abit different, at least? i know i know *blush deeply* Credits to Sheena for the make up she did for me when we were learning make up.
PARAFFIN WAX!! I LOVE THIS STUFF MAAAAAN!! it was like a glove! after you dipped your hand 3 times in the pot shown below, u wrap it up in the plastic & hold the wrist so the heat won’t escape. once the heat is gone, u take it out slowly, along with the plastic & voila!! =DD SUPER SMOOTH HANDS!! OMGOMGOMG.

stephanie! during our make-up lessons. =DD her therapist was Nila.
what a romantic look mirah & i have… ^^

Kitty Moments:





heh heh… please don’t stare too long, incase you have nightmares tonight. 😉 love you all.


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