thanks kyn for inviting me today.

thanks to my decisions im working today.

thanks to gambit for reminding kyn that she hasnt met me for quite a long time & for actually recognizing me in the train ytd.

working with noraishah is fun. but today without her around,
i am so gonna die of boredom today.

stress man.

blog soon. daammmiiiittttt… i still hvnt uploaded photos have i..
so sorry (: tc!

note to me: pls update sidebar with something refreshing. pls change blogskin to something refreshing. pls be refreshing. thank you.

pls, lets go & die now because im working today. on a saturday. a SATURDAY. freaaaaakkK!!
nevermind *brushes shoulders* next week, i’m free on weekends. YOU BETTER CHOP ME QUICKLY.

& damn sec sch kiddies — holidays b4 us eyy…
nvm2… 22nd is OUR hols! yeah.


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