yay! im here im here!!! =DD

pardon me for no updates yea!! [=
i love you all *blows kisses to all audience & bows deeply*

theres sooooo many pix i’ve been wanting to upload. & theres too much.
so here’s picasa album 4 yo.
feel free to see the pix. if u dun wanna see, it doesnt hurt my feelings.

here goes:

humongous update.

took my my whole life to upload them you know.
the stupid wireless connection like f***.

im thankful i got computer anyway. ^^

note of wise words: u may turn down your volume while watching, camera phone video sounds aren’t exactly what we call “quality”, they’re almost equivalent to the word “suck”. enjoy. [=

short introduction: this is ITE simei’s very own hair fashion & design & L’Oreal professional’s partnership. [yes, they do animal testing, im sorry, i cnt do antg abt it. -.-“] recorded on wednesday, 27th february 2008 at the auditorium. I ENJOYED MYSELF immensely. i’d really LOVE to be a model [ok, shuddup]. my height sucks lor -.-“..

p/s: some dog owners are such assholes, they just let their stupid little dogs attack another kitty. can you be considerate & stop being such an asshole already? goodness. -.-“


i was late to school.
& have to write 350 lines of “i will not be late again”.
no sweat.

thats all.
tmr seems like a free day.

ok dahhs. [=

needa sleep!

“i wish, i wish, with all my heart” night:
omfgoodness. i really think i extremely need a video camera. ): with good sound & picture quality. WTFH am i thinking???!!! i love recording. T.T DAAAAAAMNNNN!!!!!!! i shouldn’t have liked it in the first place!!!


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