but i still wanna blog.

simei students are so shameful. this is how they throw rubbish in the computer lab. WAHLAOWEII. dustbin so near, ass so heavy isit??!!
i simply ADORE Nina’s pencil box! =DD her mum bought it at tampines.. haiish. i want one too. T.T but she dunno where & how much. WHERE CAN LIDAAAATT!! -.-” see the ice cream on the far right.. how cute is that??!!
& see the pink sweet dangling on the zip.. HOW CUTE IS THATT!!!???
umm. well. yeaaa. i spot a mascara in there nina.. tsk tsk tsk.

here’s anson. sleeping soundly.
with miu miu comfortably at his ass.this was how the situation was caught in. but they seem to sleep soundly. [oh, i just changed the bedsheets. all was fresh.. soo… =D ]
heres miu miu again..
i also dunno why she slept like that. probably to air her armpits..
i honestly dunno how many embarassing pictures of this girl i can post. she’s the most unladylike girl cat we’ve ever owned. so ungraceful. -.-“
heres orange..
& him again.. (: he’s rarely caught on camera.
& awww.. arent these 2 sweet.. cuddling together.. sigh* choky [black] & kit kat [black/white]
step fierce only that asfa. go relax one kornar…
ohhhhh skip skip skip.
check out ana’s mouth. nak step sexy je… hahahaha.
the back part. honestly. im really in love with it.. i wonder when she’d get bored of this purse.. hmm.. u noe sara, im always here for ur purse u noe. just for your info jerr…
i cant help posting sara’s wallet. isn’t it sooooo gorgeously cute? guess the price. ok. no need to guess lah. i tell you. $30-40+. aiyah. would u get one like this for yourself? a gorgeously cute purse with an equally gorgeous price. its either u tear ur pocket, or, u look good when u enter stores & take out ur purse to pay the bill. hm.. which would you have? look good but be poor? HAHAHAHA.. dunno lahs. ^^
last sunday went fizah’s [a cousin’s] engagement [isit? its not wedding to be sure..] it was a perfectly quiet gathering. with nice comfort foods. [=
the pudding-like thingies.. are called.. “dadehs”.. i am in love wit the purple ones.. grape flavored.. ohboyyyyyyyy
this was the prima deli 2kg chocolate cake that was to be given to the male side.
this box was recycled from the body shop & tied with ribbons. hand tied last minute by fizah yo..

ok. i still wanna blog lah. -.-“
no matter how sucky blogger is.

there hasnt been proper updates from me..
& i feel very bad. ):

i’ve been youtubing alot these days.

& i’m pretty much irritated by those people who comment:

no, really, people.
if ur so in love with the video.
go watch & entertain urself.
the comment boxes on the video page ain’t for advertising PORNO SITES!!

oh. im seriously wondering, whether i even got pay.
i’ve not been working alot due to coming home late from school almost every day.
besides.. i was waiting for the cathay’s results.

ying told me we werent accepted..
they need ppl & still reject us?
atleast give us chance lah ass!
bodoh nak mampus siak.

ying was very upset because that mgr, lets just name him Shole. [his name starts with “S” anyway]
& talked to the other manager..
he says he’ll interview us.. haiish.
i wish for all the best. ):
i mean, they really do need people..
i wonder why we werent accepted.
didnt we look decent enuf?
was it too decent?
so hard isit to give us job.


ok. back to today.
if ur gonna ask me how my day went.

i am not gonna say anyting else except the word SUCK.
it totally sucked.
was a 100% + GST no discounts, sucky day.
sucked beyond suckeh.

im sure ur wondering why i had such a sucky day.
well, no, i just felt sucky & therefore, the sucky day.

im not sure about my company at school.

no.. not that they’re bad influence.. no.. they’re far from bad..
Point 1: 1/2 the time they talk, i often am lost, i don’t understand.
Point 2: why i dun understand, is because they usually talk about boys.
Point 3: & they come up with HUNDREDS of guys’ names whom i DUNNO existed.
Point 4: they talk among themselves because i’m usually lost.
Point 5: they’re perfectly boy crazy AND attached. how can this be??!
Point 6: why i don’t share the boy crazyness with them because i think all boys are such gayholes. assholes. prickholes. childisholes. & all the other holes u can think of.

ok. shhhh… i noe.. i noe.. i noe not all of u. i can see some of u indignant gay faces popping up around me now..

so i often get bored with my company.
because of this.
& when im bored..
i get cranky easily.
& then i snap.
i snarl.

& i wish i could just bite & yell “shut up about amir, or.. hafiz or.. WHOEVER ALREADY!!”

oh well.
i just cant remember the names they come up with.

& they often ask me..
“ehk, that guy cute eh? yg walk past kite tadi? kau nampak? hot seh”
& me.. being the very oblivious type to anything that’s of the opposite species, good looking or not.. will swing around & say “eh? entah. tatawu”

& then whoever asked me that, would get irritated with me.

when they say “hot”.
it’s often “not” with me.

come on la.
i don’t go around looking at boys seh.
im too wrapped up with myself.
my thoughts.
my music in my head. ^^
im not really bothered at all with ppl who dun matter around me.

i think the guys at my school are such losers.
u may see them look so decent, innocent & nonsense wen alone.
but when with friends..
all like budak2 cacat like that [disabled children]

once when we went to cafe 2 to eat..
we sat at the table infront of a group of guys’ table.
so we tucked in..
suddenly.. one of them, directly behind me..
shook my chair.. [he really shook my chair lor.. till i poked my nose with my fork while i was raising it to my mouth.. WAHLAOWEII, i just felt like hitting him at that moment. pain ok!!!]

& after he felt satisfied that i had turned my attention [i hope he felt the radiation of hatred rising from me.. sigh. myb he was too dumb lah.]
he asked in a strangled voice [not strangled as in nervous, but strangled as in like when u strangle someone (which i wish i had strangled him) & they’re trying to speak.. geddit??
he asked me “namer sape..” [tak ke macam budak cacat?!]

i just turned around again & continued with my cheesefries.

no really,
why waste time when you’ve got food to finish.

so yup.
i didnt speak. just a quiet hatred.. becus my nose still hurt.

but really, when he alone.. just now i saw him.
he appeared perfectly normal. talked normally. wore sports shoes instead of sneakers.
SPORT SHOES OK! *snorts* thats so 70s lah. wear the bag high2. walked normally. everything normal lor. TSK. i thought he got abit mind problem.

so, i just wanna say.
the guys in my school are all so depressingly childish.
thats why i am not at all attracted.


so thats why im not in the same mind set & channel as my company.
i dunno what they see in these losers. -.-” honestly.

ok. gotta go. GOONITES. [= mwaaa!!


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