doesn’t miu miu look like a chicken? O.O myb its just me having hallucinations.. but her thighs look like.. drumsticks?? or myb im just hungry.. i dunno..
MY KITTY. [= or have i posted this before? hehe. there’s nothing wrong with posting it a 2nd time eyy..
ytd went JE library with haslinna & jaswan, anissa & kyn. (: kyn took this. aiya, what can i say = i just love candids.

excellent! [=
this was last friday man. yup. hahas. so sorry didnt upload. *shrugs* been busy ya see.
this cute little girl.. is SOOO adorable on chinese new year.. at the steps.. towards espl. DUNNO WAT ITS CALLED LAH.
[= i love kynkyn very very muchiie.
I GOT U-NUCO’S FAKE LASHES!!!! ARENT THEY SO NATURAL & GORGEOUS???!!! well. the lashes i mean. [=

this was on the 10th, sunday. haha. rmbr? went out w my sisters. hahahaha.. awesome man.

so cute expressions.. ^^
^^ also cute!

if u look properly, he has his tongue out. SO ADORABLE!!!!
no wonder we smelt something. -.-“
astika was sitting beside him, she claims he was listening to dangdut, lagu2 melayu thats very sad2.. rock.. then.. hahahaha… sialla. hope he doesnt find my blog. *prays hard*
in mcdonald. i cant rmbr when = the day kyn was SUPPOSED to buy a new hp but CHANGED IDEAS.
if u see what she changed to.
ROCK SIA this lady.. her piercing were all over her mouth, eyebrows, myb cheek.. EVERYWHERE! i’d rather commit suicide instead of taking her front profile. only a person not in their right mind would do that. so yeah. just descriptions. *shrugs* her HAIR??? WOAAAH. wonder whats her career.
this was ytd. [= thursday 14th, valentines day. we celebrated tgdr. met them after school. i COULDNT BEAR to wear my uniform [bcos ppl stare!!] so i brought along my own clothes. ^^ anissa is so freaking cute.. SOO CUTE. i feel like squeezing her. SOMEBODY, PLEASE STOP ME… & kyn? i dunhave to say lah. she oredy cute. my mouth grow bubbles everytime i say that.

didnt i mention she was cute?? HERES THE PROOF.
ni lagi satu. MENYAMPAHH!!
anson prefers resting his head higher.. pillows are his thang. [=
see ana & mira’s sexay butts. this was today.. aft school.. buying bubbleteas at SWEETALK. THANKS to iira.. she blanja my drinks today. SHE SO SWEET LAH REALLY. sigh*
this girl got low self esteem. but is a good dancer & enthu dancer. i wish i was a gd dancer too. -.-” im worst in class. HAHA. ana & mira almost pro lahs. but this girl got abit weird2 lah. ok, ZIP.
mirah looked like a puppy. haha.. =Xshhh
little miss kental ana speaking..
YAYA!!!!! she’s a paparazzi man.
mirah claimed she looked like a piglet here. i dunno leh. i better shut my mouth lah incase i say wrong ting hor?? skali balik tak sampai rumah nanti… hahahahahaaa

ok. screw my face. mirah, expression relax uh.
miu miu!!! =DDD

check out mirah’s expression yo. SOOOOOOOOO CUTTTEEEEE… hahahahaha! & damn, don’t i look like a druggy??
while taking our pikshur, ana took OUR pikshur. hahaaaaa
THIS IS A LIST OF COMPANIES THAT TEST ON ANIMALS Please join me in banning the purchase of products manufactured by the following companies and send a message they will understand… no profits for such actions! Allergan Inc. Alcon Labs Applewoods Arm & Hammer Astley Dye & Chemical Company Andrew Jegens Co. Aziza Bay House Aromatics Baush & Lomb Beauticontrol Cosmetics Betterware BioForce UK Bic Corp. Block Drug Co. Boots Plc Brodie & Stone Braun (Gilette Co) Breck Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (Matrix, Clairol, Ban, Final Net, Redmond, Herbal Essences, Sea Breeze, Aussie, Keri) Bronnley Boyle-Midway Calvin Klein Carabay Seaweed Carlonina Herrera Chesebrough-Ponds (Aziza, Fabergé, Cutex, Oil of Olay, Vaseline) Church & Dwight (Arm & Hammer, Arrid, Lady’s Choice, Nai r, Pearl Drops) Clarion (Sea Breeze) Clairol Inc. (Proctor & Gamble) Clorox (Pine Sol) Colgate-Palmolive Co. Consumer Value Stores (house brands) Cosme Decorte Coty (Davidoff, Joop!, Jovan, Lancaster, Rimmel, Stetson) Color Me Beautiful Cover Girl (Procter & Gamble) Crimpers Pure Dana Perfumes Del Laboratories (Sally Hansen, Natural Glow, Naturistics, Flame Glow, Commerce Drug) Dial Corp. (Purex, Renuzit) Dome Cosmetics Donna Karan Beauty Company (Has anti-animal testing policy, but markets fur) DowBrands Dracket Products Co. EcoLab Inc. Eli Lilly & Co. El Sanofi Inc. Elizabeth Arden Enamelon Inc. Erno Laszlo Estée Lauder Cos.(Clinique, Origins, Jane, Origins, Donna Karan, MAC, Prescriptives, Tommy Hilfiger) Ettusais Faberge Fendi (Elizabeth Arden) Fernsoft Flame Glow Fort James Gallery Cosmetics Gehe UK Givaudan-Roure GWP Group Helene Curtis Industries (Finesse, Unilever, Suave) Henkel (Schwarzkopf, Dep) IAMS (DOG FOOD PRODUCT) Intimate Brands (Bath & Body Works tests ingredients, Veronica’s Secret sells fur) ISO IPSA JCB Developments Jhirmack (Playtex) Jergens, Andrew Co. (Bioré) Johnson & Johnson (Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Roc) Johnson Products Co. Jovan (Quintessence) KAO Cosmetics Kanobe Kimberly-Clark Corp. (Kleenex, Scott Paper, Huggies) Kinarese Kingsmill Cosmetics KMS Research Labs Kose Lamaur (Willow Lake, Colorsoft) L & F Products Lever Brothers Lifestyles Lloyds Chemists L’Oréal LPI Cosmetics Manetti & Roberts Marlene Klein Cosmetics Marshall Pet Products (make pet products, while selling animals to research labs!) Max Factor (Pr octer & Gamble) Mead Melaleuca Inc. Mennen Co. (Colgate-Palmolive) Micol Direct Miss Selfridge Murphy Phoenix Co. (Colgate-Palmolive) Nalgene National Trust Natural Eco Trading Nature’s Sunshine Products Naturelle Neoteric Cosmetics (Alpha Hydrox) Neutrogena Neutron Industries Inc. Noxell (Procter & Gamble) Olay Co./Oil of Olay (Procter & Gamble) Oral-B (Gillette Co.) Original Additions Pantene (Procter & Gamble) Parfums Givenchy SA (Givenchy, Extravagance, Amarige) Parfums International (White Shoulders) Parker Pens (Gillette Co.) Pennex Perrigo Pfizer Inc. Playtex Products Inc. (Banana Boat, Woolite, Baby Magic) PPR Group/Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (GUCCI!) Prada Group (Fendi) Thanks PETA Prince Matchiabelli Procter & Gamble Co. (Secret, Crest, Vidal Sassoon, Tide, Cover Girl, Max Factor, Old Spice, Hugo Boss) Publix Super Markets Purex Corp. Quintessence Reckitt Benckiser (Coty, Lysol, Mop & Glo, Resolve, Spray ‘N Wash, Woolite) Redmond Products Richardson-Vicks (Procter & Gamble) Rimmel (supplied by Unilever) Ronson International Sara Lee Sally Hansen (Del Laboratories) Schering-Plough (Coppertone, Ban de Soleil, Dr. Scholl’s) Schick (Warner-Lambert) Scott Paper Co. Scottish Fine Soaps S.C. Johnson & Son (Pledge, Drano, Windex, Glade) Seven Seas Shiseido Company Ltd. SmithKline Beecham (AquaFresh, Contac, Tums) Sofina Softsoap Enterprises (Colgate-Palmolive) Sterling Drug Suave Sunshine Makers (Simple Green) Sun Star 3M (Scotch, Post-It) Unilever (Lever Bros., Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden, Helene Curtis, Ben & Jerry’s, Aim, Close-Up, Dove, Finesse, Salon Selectives, Pond’s, Vaseline, Sure, Pepsodent, Mentadent) Vidal Sassoon (Procter & Gamble) Victoria’s Secret Viktoria Apothekere (Phas) Vogue International Warner-Lambert (Lubriderm, Listerine, Schick) Wellbeing Westwood Pharmaceuticals Whitehall Laboratories Xynergy Health Products Yvonne Gray

HMM. seems alot uh. -.-” dammitz.

aiyah. teacher says they use nano technology to see how the skin absorbs the nutrients in the cosmetics. & if we use things that’re not tested, then it’s like just putting it on the surface of ur face. clogging the pores. alah. fuck that. i still dont care. i dun use foundation anw. -.-“

it’s still wrong to torture animals just cause they don’t respond & are voiceless.

teacher, my sis[s] feel that it’s not wrong. aiya. watever lah.
im just trying to help.
i hate what teacher said.
i even recorded it in class. will load it up soon. *shrugs*

Video rating: PG.
CAUTION: Video contains vulgar language.

Video rating: PG.
CAUTION: Video contains vulgar language & hand sign.

Hope the pikshurs explain alot. its damn late now. i took an hour to load all these. ): blog soon babes! MWAH. GDNITE.

tmr is chingay. im poor. tak jadi go with them luhs. ):
ezlink freaking low.

&& i hope cathay accepted us! oh yes. forgot to tell u guys, it went alrite. [= just really2 wish we got it.. i duwanna stuck at kfc washing floors & being in close contact with hot oil
AHEM* they open up my pores.. hahaha.. ngada2 eh. like want to kena slap.



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