all i can say is: “heh”
Oh yes. on tuesday, during our Care period [something like form teacher period] we had some stupid games. [i honestly have no idea why, orientation died decades back] this game, played by Chanel [the one with rolled up pants] with us as guides, we had to scream instructions at her to cross across the cups without using words like “left, right” etc. we had to say something like “move your lion leg to the luck side abit.. abit more luck..” haha. Luck, of course, meant left, incase you have a slow processing brain.
yesterday met with kyn, sufi & also lizah. went Jurong Point ^^
chum chum kan! [short for COMEL, not COMOT.]
oh yes. return of the CINDERELLA.
this cinderella clearly is suffering from housework. EH. BUT SHE VERY HOMELY LEH. dun look like the the homely type RIGHT? believe me, i got a shock when i found out.
from L-R: ling, amri & XL the Big Eater, [oh yes. one day he’ll return.. & btw, his gf is a mly girl ley. who seems to only want his $$$, but we dunno lah. haiish.]
Aishah, the SOON-TO-BE manager. or isit a manager alrd?? dunno leh.MORNING! wakey wakeyy…
Orange.. in the early morning whilst it was still dark, after i bathed before gg sch.. SIGH.. he looked so sweet..
Meelo.. [= always blocking the monitor. her little bad habit.
goodmorning again.. [this is today morning. =D ]
she caught my handphone camera’s hand strap & put out her tongue at me & said “you cannot have it back…”

HEH. sorry lah. i just love my new hair. ^^

hello. i’ve been bloghopping. (: i love bloghopping. i get alot of reads & collect alot more blog urls to favourite. HEH.

& i got this from a Frou Frou: it’s damn funny. you may read the whole article here ofcourse. Here goes.

One particular afternoon, Dailytoe came to visit me and both of us are staring blankly out of the window. I pointed out to Dailytoe that the garden resembles a scene out of a typical Channel 8 TV drama where “important” conversation takes place – especially between lovers, when one of them get into an accident or became critically ill.

Putting on her Channel 8 Director hat, Dailytoe immediately came up with a script and acted it out – in her half-past-six Mandarin, no less.

The Scene: A girl with long rebonded hair, fair complexion and flat face (think Fann Wong) is being wheeled around by her long-term boyfriend who live in the next HDB block from her.

Girl: “Wo you hua yao gen ni shuo” (Translation: “I’ve got something to tell you”)
Boy: “Shen me?” (“What?”)
Girl: “Wo men (dramatic pause) fen shou ba” (“Let’s break up”)
Boy: (Alarmed) “Wei shen me?” (“Why??”)
Girl: “Ying wei wo de yan jing (dramatic pause again)…huai le” (“Because my eyes… are spoilt”)


I immediately stop her to ask what does she mean by her eyes are ‘spoilt’. Apparently, she meant to say that the girl has gone blind.

Undeterred by me rolling around with laughter, Dailytoe continued with her dramatic Channel 8 story:

Girl: “Ke si, dang wo bi shang yan jing, wo hai huai kan dao ni” (“But whenever I close my eyes, I can still see you”)
Boy: “Jiang ni man man kan ba” (“Take your time to see then”)

It is concerning how bad some people are at their own mother tongue. (: YAM.

Oh. and apparently there’s also a site dedicated to solo dining. means, you dine alone. not with company & whatever. which i’m fine with. hmm. =/ just go here: www.solodining.com

yesterday work was okay. & today im working mainly
because i’m a kind & caring soul who wants to accompany
a friend from the unwanted company of that stupid attachment manager & her
favourite staff/nephew, relative, basically.


eh. but her relative quite cute in an ah beng-ish way lah, though.

too bad. shut up.


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