awesome suck.

BLOG MATERIAL OF THE DAY! =D to protect identities of fellow student(s), i painted them. especially the dude [who represents a samurai in this pic].. the eyes looked so shifty.. KEKEKE.. the girl, all i can say is: hardcore sleeper. RELEK AH BEB! she must have had a real sucky day.
Foo & Mir, she’s the culprit. Partner in crime lah.

haha. yay. i looked better than them at last. =PPPP
SLEEPY LAHHHH. hehehehehe…

CAUTION: Please skip the images following if you’re weak hearted, pregnant or can’t take it.

i have a bad habit of making that mouth. -.-“
SYIOK SENDIRI!! skip skip skip! U MAY LOOK NOW. (:

today rocked my balls, i tell you.

in the morning, i apologise:
i’m always late in meeting my friends lah.
i also have no idea why.. WHY WHY??
i seem to have a disability in being punctual.
maybe it’s a disease not yet discovered.
hopefully they’ll find a cure.
i hope the medicine is delicious.

so.. im sorry dear kyn & astika ok.
i love u. (:

so anyways.
i woke up at 7am siahhs.
damned late lah.
was spose to meet them at 7.15am..
i reached at… *gulps & blushes*
8am yo.
astika reached at 7.30

so so sorry. ):

so yup.
we separated at bedok.. they meeting their friend..
so i travelled alone..
for one stop.

i was pretty early..
went to the toilet to umm.. aiyah! im vain lah.. VAAAAINNN.. fiiiinnneeee.
saw Yoke Lian.
seriously. SHE’s a very very adorable looking girl lah.
i feel like squeezing her.

i need u to stop me, please.

first lesson we had facial therapy yo.
i was a model..
my therapist was: Alyssa.
she hasn’t gotten very good yet.
her hands are stiff & she doesn’t do the whole procedure.
so it wasn’t very comfortable.
she can do better. ^^
she will improve i suppose [of course she will!].

i’m doing quite well..
infact, facial therapy practicals are my FAVRIT.

Note: Asra came back with IKEA GOODIES! a new shoe shelf & a laundry shelf. will take pic of ’em soon. ^^

what i hate about facials tho,
is the products.
i hate the products.
damned oily la!!!
so thats why many ppl dun like being models.

but good point is: u can sleep laaaa… free 1/2 hour of sleeping.. i had a fine time sleeping just now.

note: thanks to Hasina for being so sea turtle friendly! =D yay! good for u! lovelove!!
&& i also despoly need silkygirl eyeliner lah. im getting disgusted wearing avon by the day. -.-” first because, it smudges & the fact that it does animal testing makes me feel so indescribably SICKENED & DIRTY. i hope my fellow classmates will choose maybelline or silkygirl soon because i’ve told them that avon, L’Oreal & the likes SUCK. i hope i had them convinced, if not, i’ll do my best by other methods. HA! we’ll see. or maybe i’ll just be too busy to bother. i dunno.

after FTY was effective comm [EFC]. sucks lah. keep going to co-op shop buy stuff. listen music.. touch up make up.. chit chatting. i don’t see the whole point of EFC cos i already know stuffs about CUSTOMER SERVICE. & one word for it: flying SUCKlets. honestly, customers are such dicks & vaginas lah. -.-“

i cant believe im gonna have to serve customers tomorrow. DAAAAMNNN…
yes. im working tmr. CAN U JUST BELIEVE IT?? O.O

so after EFC we had hand foot care [HFC]..
this sucked too. becos it was theory.
& every theory we all get stony faced.
teacher let us have 10min break.
& then she let us off early [1/2 hour early ok!! it was a 2hr lesson! in which 3 of my friends & i went ard the whole sch for 15min searching for TOILET PAPER. no, seriously].
it was sweet of teacher of course.
maybe mainly because we looked so hopeless to teach.
i dunno. *shrugs*

after that we had FTY theory… hurr hurr.
teacher was asking us girls,
“do any of you have boyfriends? adult boyfriends? & who take train?”
apparently, there’s been a case of BT student who was seen by a teacher with her bf, kissing & letting the guy caress her umm.. boobies INFRONT OF THE PUBLIC train! GOSH.

i wonder who the hell was it.

pls dun wear school uni laaa. [BT student smre!!]
& do in private laaaaa…
stupid guy uh. so dumb laaa.
are all guys that dumb?

& teacher suspected a friend of mine.. -.-“
wahlaoweii. hope it isn’t.
apparently the next class of BT said it wasnt any of them.

after that,
lizah & adilah came to simei to apply for office skills course here.
they’ve given up sec 5.
so i helped them..
& lizah bf came along.

the HAIRR.

damn blonde lah. -.-“
so matREP. [pls dun beat me up after school due to this small comment, i tell my muuuuuummmmm!!! & she bring parang to u. feel free to face her =P ]

damn striking can!
when he walked in,
i nearly went blind.


so i didnt go home with lizah & co.
i met ana & mirah at simei mrt..
& here i am.


ok dahhs.

p/s: i’ve got a customer of plush! Orange! so cool lahs. LIKE FINALLY.


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