stressing the fact.

Orange & Lucky. [=
Thats “Lucky” the doll & she has that message to pass to you. (: Lucky is a very animal loving doll. she is, a mascot.

Hello people, i just wanna stress the fact that many cosmetic companies do animal testing.

yes. they do.
im also sadly.. sooo very sadly gonna announce that:
The Body Shop [who is CRUELTY FREE] is now owned by L’Oreal/Nestle.
L’Oreal is one of the companies who do ANIMAL TESTING.


): i’m so very sad by this news.
if i do open up a spa — i will by hook or crook find cosmetic companies who are cruelty free siak.

here’s a list to guide you, if you care enough [but the best? go natural 😉 ]:

The ‘Bad’ List

The following companies either openly use animal-tested chemicals, or fail to demonstrate that the finished product and the ingredients they use have not been tested on animals since a fixed cut-off date.

Avon Cosmetics Jeyes
Beiersdorf Johnson & Johnson
The Body Shop/L’Oreal+ Lancome
Chanel Lever Fabergé
Christion Dior L’Oreal/Nestlé
Clinique Miners Cosmetics
Colgate Palmolive PZ Cussons
Coty Reckitt Benckiser
Ecover* Revlon
Estée Lauder SC Johnson
FCUK Virgin Vie
Garnier Yardley
Givenchy Yves Rocher
GlaxoSmithKline Yves Saint Laurent
Helena Rubenstein Unilever

+ The Body Shop are now owned by L’Oreal/Nestlé.
* Ecover do not have a FCOD, they follow the ‘5 year rolling rule’, which is why they feature on the ‘bad’ list.

you may see the full list here please.

& that means i must stop using AVON COSMETICS.
flying fucklets man.

well, on a lighter note..
there is a brand in singapore that is cruelty free [one that i know of, of course. im sure there are many others in which i will try & find out more ok?]

this SUPER BRAND who states proudly “No Animal Testing” on their packaging is:

Brands like Silkygirl, currently is fine too.
Maybelline isn’t on the list either. (:
sucks to avon. damn yoo.
J.LO SUCKS too. fur bitch.

so, if you care enough, please stop supporting brands that are stated.

just now had mcd with lizaaaa…
she wants to apply ite now. LOLS.
i got a new doll for sleep company — yay! thanks to SARA. doll’s name is LUCKY. =p
saw abang adilah… fuck him upside down. die die didnt wanna face me. what an asshole.

p/s: stop bothering me!!! worthless freak. -.-” stop irritating the fuck out of me.

ok. dahh.


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