i’ve got stories to tell

ok! got alot to post about today. pikshurs & videos. dunno if u will click to watch tho. LOL. ^^ but it’s memories for me..
ok. so here’s the story behind this pikshur.. this was on friday 1st feb. mirah had just changed into dance gear.. she had a bad stomach.. our toilets, sad to say, seem to lack tissue papers man. yea.. cafe 1 toilet had a huge roll of tissue in which mira nicked & transferred to a toilet outside the cafe [where there’s not many ppl wandering around].. so see that roll on her left hand.. i couldnt stop laughing. & she has a sexy butt.
this is chum chum. ^^ short for chomot.
astika action cool onlyyyyy
astika && meeee…
oops ast. O.O relek arh. *snorts*

this is mimi a.k.a miu miu.

yes. they actually call me asfoo. it was all teacher’s fault. DAMN. -.-“
asra & big fat wolf titi..
sorry for looking so stoned. O.O how embarassing.
act cute jer.

nana the bday girl. HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY! dah besar anak mak…

the cake was YUMMM.YYYY

this is sufiyana dancing to dangdut. it was on last saturday 26th jan 08 bebs. enjoy… sufiyana entertainer rocks eyy. =P

another random video of mirah wearing contact lens..

so yesterday. i didnt go out with kyn cos she fell sick. ): poor her. sigh* hope u recover soon darlingg!! =P
so i went out with DE’Lima instead [plus thr was roymin.] geez. no warning siak astika. never tell me roy was there. -.-” his face like wanna kena smacked siiii… i had a hard time holding myself back. ^^ hehe.
nolah. if i push him, im the one who move sia. not him. he’s so big like badak.

i met them at marina pizzahut. they had bday meal there in which i didnt join..
after that we went espl for cutting of cake ceremony. ^^

then there were some twerps who went
“hiiii… leh mintak number…..” in high pitch voices behind the panel u see there behind nana:
then also they went.. “nga wadpe… birthday ehkkkkk… allah selamatkan kamuuuuuu… allah selamatkan bla bla bla..”
“namer sape… happy birthday to yoouuuuuu happy birthday to youuuuuu”
“cake sikit lehh taaakk..”

waaah. damn irritating.
i felt like thumping each of their backs.
but cannot arh.
all big size, they won’t move instead i’m the one who move eh later.

so after that…
OH. & we saw KIDDO.. x) kyn’s & Ast’s classmate..
i saw iira with her bf. LOLS.

after cutting cake ceremony.
they all wanna go home.
so left me & astika.
we walk2 around marina..
[by the time was 6+ nearing 7..)

then we tried applying at kyn’s workplace
[thinking if we action dunno kyn they’ll put us working tgdr..]
the girl said come back after cny.
hurr hurr. okay.
we’ll try. ^^

then we went off at 8+…
i took the red line to waste time..
ast meeting fifi at causeway.. so she dropped at woodlands..

in the train hor,
alot of umm. bangla..
ast & me suspect one of them keep on farting.
wahlao the sMELL!!

confirm baru mkn curry tau.-.-“

& we suspect it was this bangla:

we could’ve died getting gassed in the train.
mygoodness. think he was having stomach ache. -.-“

after the horriblest train ride i’ve ever had,
i stopped at clementi cos i had to pick up my mum.
& thats how my stories go.

today is a sunday..
movie marathon!!
goodluck to sara in buying her boss’s CNY pressie..

ok. thats all. im hungry & i HAVENT BATH. haha…… hahaha… *snorts snorts*

p/s: yesterday after they all went home, left me & ast, we went to BK to eat lah,
sekali got a group went past the BK, shouted “EMO!”
must be astika’s shirt.. then while at marina walking2, got 2 butches walk past us, one of them said something to us — but we didnt here properly what. i heard something like “square”. UMM. dunno leh. like kena bully sia we all. MUST BE ASTIKA’S SHIRT!! GAAAAAH. BORIAH SEHH… hahks!


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