im fine.

i wanna feel like this.

alrites. new skin i chose out. hehs. sorry uh. i couldn’t use the previous one. abit too boring. this is nice too isn’t it? the bg is very.. classic. i feel. well anyway. it’s according to how i feel. i wanted darker colours anyway.

anyway. i’ve finished washing my shoe..
hope it dries in time for school tmr..

hasina changed skin too..
lizah’s family forbid her to go ite.
seriously speaking, whats so bad about ite?

do ppl seriously think its a place where u have no future?
u go bad?
only bad eggs go there?
hopeless? gonecase?
come on laaaa… -.-” ite is recognised all over the world now ok??

successful ppl come from there now! NOW!!

miss fahizah seriously needs to have a little chat with lizah’s parents/family.
sufi’s too.

IM sickened by how UNINFORMED their families are.
NO OFFENCE. but it’s the truth.
so just shut up.

myb tmr there’s dance.
i wouldn’t know..
gosh. i’m in no mood to entertain anything or anybody right now.

meeting kyn & all tmr morning. ah well.

adilah wants to go ite too.

lizah = office skills/beauty therapy.
dunno lah she.
talk tamil sia.

better go sleep now.

p/s: please help cheer me up, thanks.
pp/s: tue & wed im working… DAAAAMNNN… holiday aint till thursday & friday.. friday kyn asked me [or us] out.. yay.. we’ll see okaaayy.


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