like finally.

ok. sigh~

finally my blog’s ok.
myb i need to stick to this skin.

but its nice isnt it?
it’s raining heavy right now..


& at 1.30 im meeting kyn.
so yups.


i think i made the right choice by going ite instead of sec 5 la bebs.
its confirmed.
bcos sec 5 ppl are now suffering & envying kyn ast & me.

lizah & adilah feel like dying.
sufi’s math tcher gives them 200+ math qns to be completed within 2-3 days.
is that humane?



ok. lame lah deyy.

so fast its february already..
in 2 weeks its valentines day.

my classmate told me that on 1st day of school,
i so very the “muke kerek siak”.
oooh. woops.
but they know me now.. & they say im a joker.
*shrugs* they often laugh.

i dunno.

im very happy there la..
& ling decided for me when i work.
so tired.

cny hols is on..
thur & fri huh?
& dance..

theres so many things to do..
& no time to work..

ok. i miss ling sia.

see her soon. ^^

ok. thats all ppl.
bye bye!
gotta bath now..

p/s: guess what! i made my own facebook. DUNNO HOW LONG I’LL LAST IN THERE THOUGH. i havent checked thorougly bcos there’s not much time for me on the comp anymore. but i’ll make a link on my sidebar soon ok! [= add me add me! =X

pp/s: talking bout school, every lunchtime, we go eat, sure got haters who give snide remarks. me & iira were eating ice cream, & they say we gigi kuning [yellow teeth]. then when we walk past, MALAY group [what a shameful ting for THAT community!] stare at us, whisper among themselves & laugh. kimak! whats so funny sehh! -.-” irritating siol they all. like asra suggests, i should video them, & post it up here. PROMISE yo. see how those idiots look like. I SHALL ZOOM IN TOO! & myb give snide remarks AT THEM back. ^^ thanks asra ^^ what a wonderful idea. im shaking with excitement at the thought of it. but must find cooperation with my friends also. ^^ i noe mirah would do it.


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