ofcourse, i couldn’t help myself from posting this cute frog-styled legs of meelo the kitty. ^^
i also would like to stress the fact that, i hate polished floors in toilets. O.O anyone, (of the female species) can see what ur doing in ur cubicle just by looking at the floor abit farther away from the door to see what ur doing opposite (in the cubicle) if u get what i mean. hurr hurr. & that shadow there — was a woman who was combing her hair (ofcourse u cant see clearly).. i saw it while trying to pee. can u imagine if she were to look back at me? -.-” true polished floors are so pretty. but not in private places please.
liyaaaaanaaaaa… all i wanna say to her is: stay strong. she’s a good girl.. im sad whats happening to her is happening.. i wish it would be proper soon.. or just move on baybeh. its hard, but theres someone more worthy of u, babe.
nina.. ^^
me. yaya. yana.
the pontianak beside me is amirah the joker. *snorts* she makes me go rotfl (roll on the floor laughing)
i look so happy. ^^ well, yea, in a way.. i think..
yeah, well, u may see the sentence “please do a final check on cooked chicken… no feathers visible on cooked chicken..” do u understand what this means? it means there must have been a time when there were feathers on a cooked chicken. O.O how simply gross. oops. who’s hp num is that. ahh.. i trust all u readers are wise people & wouldnt dare try to dial it. i just wanna say: dun dare to try & dial it. ^^ keep out of trouble.. *beams*

Halo!! i noe! i noe! u missed me so!! ((:
i missed you too. [i thinks.. *shrugs*]
so sorry, been very2 busy..
with school..
*pouts* keep going home late.. late.. late..
*double pouts*

today morning.. went to school with my dearest kyn, astika (multimedia, bedok) & amanina (chemicals, simei).

they were late…
eh. come to tink of it.. i was later siahhs.

train today abit xiao rights?
totally sucked man..
imagine if we were to board a late train??
reach sch even later. -.-“
lucky went sch got friend2.
& went out earlier (7.20am) instead of 7.45am)

it was very fun!
i miss astika alot too.
ofcourse kyn — i neednt mention it.
amanina is a VERY NICE GIRL! plus she’s tall.

all mum’s fault.
hehe. & dad’s. DUH.,
& also my 3rd sis stole my genes.
i learnt that our genes were alternate for every child parents have.
so if 1st child is exceptionally tall,
2nd most prob will be short, 3rd would be tall & 4th (thats me) would, obviously be short.
so its all asra’s fault. HEHE. =P

so then..
train got alotta problems
each stop, stop for how many decades before moving again.
hurr hurrs.

oh, i saw abuzar at the station!
so long nbr see him.
he so giler never follow us ytd..
he sec 5 sehhs.

i just wanna warn u all,
we all had a serious headache.
the camera shooting according to how a video with no tripod would..
if u die2 wanna watch, i can say no more.

ok. im also abit slow in reaction, but, “i am legend” is very good.
HAHA. ok laugh at me!! -.-“
its not my fault sehhs.
but yeah, its sad his dog died..
i nearly cried..
but i didnt manage to.
cos bf said “da ah, dun cry ah..”

syaheer damn funny..
can u imagine: ben & jerry,
confidently pronounced as Jen & Berry,
but thats jus him i suppose..

finally i tried bowling.
its amazing how much i suck at it.

back to today!
today was ok2 day.
facial therapy, i was the model of jolene tan (dearest gonna-be-dance friend)
she’s a verrrrrrryyyy nice girl lah.

oh &.
a classmate of mine runs around smacking people’s boobs.
i’ve got video up in youtube of it.
(she bites too, no names mentioned pls)
but im not gonna share it wit ya’ll.
cos we were in school uniforms,
& our students are being followed by alot of eyes..
& because of that, i dunwan the video to circulate around..
making ppl think BT students are lesbians.

we.. r just.. odd, i guess.

gosh. our teacher has no idea. it’d be a blow to tell her.

anyway. that video is loaded up just for my entertainment.
its private.
SO SO SORRY. bleaaaahhhsss.. =P

its hard sia being BT students..
being spied all the time..
ppl trying to find faults..
calling us bimbos..

oh yes.
our theory lessons suck!!
sooooo sleeeeeepyyyy…

&. i suppose this is it for the week.
its gonna be busy week u noe.. ):
i will update whenever i can.
i prolly can tmr.
im only working on thur.

oh. & wats so cool is:
we’ve got our own lockers!
but share with 3ppl.
so not cool.

u gotta watch this cutteeeeeeeeee kitten video dozing off!
i just feel like that in theory classes! & so do my classmates..
this is such a CUTE video!

signoff baybe!

i want this ring.. T.T pls click the pikshur & see where it comes from.. if can, get it for me too.. ^^


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