wonderful schholday.

this was shahfie’s bday cake.. (: lychee flavoured.. veryyyy creaamyyyy…
tis amirah haaaa… gonna be the death of us! she keeps us laughing non-stop siak! she’s verrrryyyy funny. (: i like her. as friends lah. DUH. -.-” she might be a dance friend too when we apply tomorrow.. we plan to do so.. she loves dancing, but joined percussion cos of atirah.. but her hearts in dancing.. SO YEAH!! =D got friend!
our auditorium. we were forced to sit thru talk after talk for about 3hours! ohmygawsh. after these shots.. i slept.. first on Nila’s shoulder.. then i curled myself up into a ball on the err.. armchair. it was lovely sleeping. what a lovely talk. i mean sleep.
see how bored they look. some were listening to songs.. others were testing sleeping positions.. some are touching up their make up. nextime, don’t bother to invite us for talks. on thurs theres gonna be a talk yet again. wahlao weii.
from far to near: nina, liyana [who kept misscalling me jus to disturb me at that moment], farhanah who reminds me alot of rohana my exclassmate [the face only] but her character very diff. she’s outspoken, friendly & not much poisonous. she’s also not softspoken. i like her. ^^ better than e girl she reminds me of.
sleep sleep sleep. tsk. this nisa keep waking up when i wanna pikshur their sleeping positions. -.-“
in the toilet. butt cramps [in e middle of e talk] on self timer.
oops. too much space.
this dollface atirah. she’s a very nice person. generous & kind. on 1st day of school, i thot she very vain & bimbo. i thot so very wrong. y i thot lidat? bcos she keep touching her hair, looking at mirrors.. everything.. but her heart is in the right place. (: i also like her. very much. very nice girl.
i told you, the mirror is her bff.
self timer again. ^^ gawsh. im in love with our uniforms. but bit awkward. =/
nina & me..
the shoulder belongs to liyana. she was too busy on the phone to bother taking piks. -.-“
darling kyn & me… met her in the morning.. went to sch tgdr.. she looks tired.. ): i miss her seyys. sigh* she dropped at bedok.. & i at the nx station = tanah merah.

yup.. so.. ho.. humm. i wish i could go out wif her soon & when she doesnt look very tired. she hasnt been herself for quite a long time.. *shrugs* oh yes. many ite student mrt travellers (male species) are hot. so kyn & i agree.. & i tink amirah & my other friends agree too. LOLS. mentel sia they all. tsk tsk tsk.

halo! school was awesome today. (:
in the morning.. i thot school start at 8, cos liyana smart aleck said so (she says got orientation) lucky she was wrong sehhs.
kyn called me at 6am lidat.. ask me what time to meet her then..
said i start at 8.
after messaging Gail & Sini, found out i was wrong,
msged liyana to tell her SHE was wrong. so very wrong. lols.

i called kyn back & told her start at 9..
meet her at 7am clementi mrt.
met her at last cabin, & i was late lah. cos need to make up mah. -.-“
[lecehh man..]

nvm. 189 never fails.

so yeah.
i thot its peak hour.. was expecting a flooded train.
instead, seats were not even full!
i wonder why lor!

kyn look so very tired.. & we started to catch up.
i wish kyn was in simei.. ):

hmm. she brought along her SUPPOSEDLY brother’s psp..
which has OUR pix inside & all.
hmm.. x) suspicious.
well anyway.

since it was so FREAKING early,
(it was 7.30+am) when we reached bedok mrt. -.-“
so early can!?

we chatted at bedok mrt lah.
we separated at 8.15am like tat..
[i was very sad.. felt so cruelly separated. LOLS. emo ehk!]

then went to bustop..
saw the new girl in our class..
half philipinne & half indian, named stefanie..
she’s pretty, small sized, cute lah. lols. & not the kind that strikes me as shy, oh & she looks malay. *snorts*

anyway. smiled at her. & she approached me lah then.. we took bus 31 tgdr. i avoid 31 if i cn.. cos must climb overhead bridge to cross over to school..
i favour bus number 2.. stop at back gate. no fussy stairs.. just cross. =p
she’s quite chatty.. says she feel very paiseh all..
*snort* she dont look like it lah.. so i said to her she dont strike me as a shy person.

then.. waited for liyana & friends all.. she w her bf at the forum (a big round fountain place.. whr sometimes bands are played & bla bla..)
we all went to first class, late. not really. but still.

& that tcher is a half/half. sometimes i dislike her [bossy, picky, fussy, sarcastic, pessimistic, grumpy, fierce etc]. sometimes i like her [funny, generous (she blanja us a after sch meal the other day)]. but she’s not a very sympathetic teacher i find.. sadly.

she teaches facial therapy. i was the model, my partner, liyana was a therapist. so we practised in our practical spa place.. i had to change into a tube-like gown.. much like pregnant ladies wear.. its in a hospital patient uniform color green, the one i see mum wears when she’s in hospital ward. =/

bit sexy. but all girls. so no worries. LOOLLL..

we only got as far as wrapping the models hair properly before facials. -.-“
because run out of time due to classmates latecoming (tcher spent alot of time nagging us & checking our grooming & those with colored hair were sent home to correct it). HURR HURR. nvm. tmr continue.

so anyway. 11am was lunch.
we spent time touching up & also all the cafes were full T.T
ended up buying at noods (the dessert is marvelous! brownie with vanilla ice-cream. TO DIE FOR! i will take pix when we go thr again k!) & they sell ALOT of good things! the place is small & comfy but at lunch, it was full.. so.. T.T

i bought chicken nuggets (3 for $1.30) & chocolate biscuit “Pillows” ($0.50). the uncle shouldn’t use paperbag for nuggets cos i like mine with chilli.. ended up the paperbag got very oily & see thru. -.-” he should be more practical & use plastics. hurr hurr. nvm. [i ate the pillows at the auditorium btw.. b4 i switched to listening music to sleeping..]

after lunch had effective communication thingy.. the teacher is a bully-able looking lady..
ofcos i dun bully her. -.-” but the girls in my class ha… duwan mention who.. bit rude. so umm. yep.

till 1pm i tink, then we went to the auditorium for that super spastic talk. -.-” people kept fidgeting. -.-” i couldnt seem to sit still… must be something going on in the air..

after the talk, went to our facial therapy theory room.. where tcher went thru some stuffs..
then at 5 we were finally released from jail..
atirah asked me go makan, i didnt hv money.. she so kindhearted she say “aku blanje kau lah.. (:”
atirah, nila, amirah, farhanah & me went to eat lorr..
at cafe 1.

i had nasi lemak.. ^^
then while eating, amirah did so many crazy antics that we were all in a fit of laughter & giggles.

my eyes were watering..
we laughed at the silliest things..
& then there were 2 nursing indian girls sitting the table next to us keep looking at us like we were crazy (well, in a way..)

newsflash: sorry for interruption, i’ve just received a PM on my msn by kyn that reports astika & shahrizan is the same class as kyn at ITE bedok, in multimedia. thats very good news indeed, makes me miss sec sch so much.

then when those 2 girls got up, 1 of them knocked down the chair.. & we burst into more fit of giggles (with me banging my hands in helpless laughter on the chair next to me) & then they dropped something on the floor with a loud thud & we burst into more fresh fit of giggles. so retarded siak we all. we were laughing at amirah’s jokes so much that everyting seemed funny.. & then 2 of us knocked down the chairs too.. hurr hurr. so spastic sehh..

& then when we were still laughing, there were a group of mly guys eating behind us.. one of ’em let out a loud fart.. & we laughed & laughed harder still.. & they all laughed too..
no warning siak.. say lah “excuse me” or something.. *snorts*

so yup. it was such a fun session.. (:

tmr meeting kyn & astika at clementi mrt lor.. (: all same sch maahs. cept me. still.. its nearby. (:

i cant wait for weds — seeing kfc peeps & especially ling & all, i miss them very much..
alamak. wed got PE siak. HURR HURR!! -.-” & weds is a long long day with our form teacher.. =/ all the way facial therapy.. no effective comm [EFC] or hand foot care [HFC] at all.

ok. thats all. (:

p/s: treasure what u have.. i cant believe ling is leaving on 12feb.. 😥 but its for her own benefits of course.. in which i wish her all the luck she can get.. she’s going to private school.. [no, ofcos im not a lesbian, ling’s like my elder sister. duh.]

NOW IS 10.49. gotta sleep soon.


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