the last outing i had with kyn… i miss you kyn!!!
———————————————————————————————-CUT HAIR!! =DDDD
sorry uh. din mean to disgust u with my face too. was supposed to capture the sweet appearance of EARL GREY. (: who lives at the RC block. hehe. he’s gorgeously cute! & yup. he IS A GREY KITTY.
see. he loves me.
one of the styles in ling’s mag. i love it.
specialty of the abled skinnyman, who cooks chicken.
sorry if my butts bit too overwhelming. ling & everybody else LOVE MY SLIPPERS! x))) NOT.

hahakz. if i am kental, i mean it lah seyy.
khalid. thanks to khalid, his dad asked if i would like to let them send me home in the car. i only agreed once. LOLS. thanks tho ha. (: very nice of his dad & him.
aishah while sweeping, also must put on an elegant smile at all times BECAUSE. of the psychotic paparazzi asfa gliding around snapping pikshurs at a random. (but now not much time to update. seems like my paparazzi days are gonna be little yo!)
cinderella ling. busy, but yet, put on a peace sign.
speakin to a particularly i-need-a-tight-slap customer.
wah. GLAMOUR sia the pose.
relek ah xiang long. face contorted with so much feeling eyy. x)

my fashionable slippers. we’re suppose to wear shoes. =/ HAIZ. so uncomfortable. kfc’s my home mah. (: make it like my own home lahs.

on the friday 4th january, cinderella ling accompanied me for SATA clinic JE for my BT medical check up. lols. this guy with his gf (whom i suppose is starting ITE too) were playing psp. ling noticed that his neck is damn slim lah sia, i had to prevent ling from strangling the guy from behind. indeed, ling can sometimes be abit of a hazard to the public, but no worries, cos asfa is here. oh. yes. we couldnt stop giggling. (: i miss ling very much too sehhs. lucky nxwk working wif her. ^^ thanks ling hor!
————————————————————————————————& when im in school i keep tinking bout this boy’s furry tummy & oozing juicyness.
& i dun get to spend time with this handsome boy very much. ):
i miss this girl very2 much.

———————————————————————————————-indeed, i dun wear specs. i just wanna look very innocent so ppl wud find it a waste of their precious time to bully me. [Farhanah, Liyana & erm. me.] thats Liyana. [= she’s very nice. Nina (Aliesha, damn nice name) & me. in our errr.. think it’s beauty & wellness spa place. omg. dun look at me.. introducing: Nila, Nina, Atirah (man, she looks like a doll u noe), Liyana, i-forgot-her-name-will-ask-later, Farhanah & meee… mygawd. why the hell did i look like such a loser here. -.-” NEVERTHELESS. the very first day of school. on monday. see if u can spot the typical ones. x) bet u cant. yup. this was the number of ppl we had before newbies came 3-4 days later. hurr hurr. ;o
eh yalah babe! i hope u havent stopped reading my blog. ): damned sian lahh. i am so very the fookin busy seh. morning school.. 1hr+ ride home = no time for computer; get ready for work.. & its a cycle. i must work! if not how to pay for school stuffs! eh. BT damned EX LAH. -.-” money here; money there.. money money everywhere.. (old mcdonald had a farm.. eeya eeya yohh..) lemme tell yoo. so its about $$ ok im talking now. $100= 3 pathetic non-color printed binded budget books. THREE. only three. I WANT YOU TO SEE THE WORD “THREE” ok. THREE books for $100 (thats plus class fund) $50= beauty tools. yup. most of ’em i have at home lah sial. -.-” heart pain you noe. this one: i had to borrow $$ from BF. cos i spend my money on taking passport pikshur, buying shoes, cut hair, everyday topup ezlink (yalah, sialla. everyday topup $5 ok!) & food isnt secondary school pricing lah HELLO. ok. fine. great. im so glad i got the course.. but money is getting fucking out of hand lah. ): im feeling so freaking poorer & poorer by the day. FCK FCK FCK. oh. my classmates ha. ahem. lemme tell u bou them. theres round 40 of us in a class. alot of cheena. quite a bit of malays. a single indian (not counting mixed ones, in that case, make it 3) we’re divided into cliques (yea, well, bitch.) the ahlian cheenas who have d typical look abt them & picky wif friends (only those like them lah allowed into their soo-cool clique. pffftts, not complaining.) the typical minahs (3 of ’em now, always together. dun talk to them tho. me that is. they just look like they need 1 tight slap & a kick in the vagina) then there’s us. ^^ the decent nonsense ones. we’ve got 2 class rep. we’re very nice. sensitive to ea.other &.. yup. i like the so called “clique” i’m in because we’re a bigger group, nicer group, caring, compassionate & soooo very noisy & chatty. ^^ i love them lah. swear. then only 3 of us reside on clementi area.. one is Gail, from tanglin sec.. & another one Polline [or Polly, dunno leh, nxtime i ask] who’s from clementi town i think. well. i like the non-typical cheenas in my class. im very nice to them & they’re so nice to me. ^^
1 of them i joined dance with is err.. Jolene. there’s 2 jolenes in my class.

one the typical one. the other the one im very nice to. lol.

ok. thats all about school.
ppl keep saying our uniforms look like chefs.
can i pls aim a kick on their nose bridge? some walk past saying loudly “eh, i hungry uh, can cook for me or not..”
i’ll poison the next person who says that. O.o

i’ve been so very busy. ): i’ll try to update tho ok. (: because i love blogging. & i miss the computer so much sehhs.

oh yes.
work was fun today.
yy’s shift. but i love ling’s shift lah. lols. especially when paired with super cutes people. OHMY. MY FAMILY lah they are. how i miss them. =/ hpe to b wif u guys soon nxwk ok!

oh. btw, today we learnt how to have a manicure hand massage. it was very relaxing. i partnered liyana. she’s pretty good. 😉

tmorro im going out wit yy, wan & bday boy shahfie (ex colleagues of kfc GP) i asked ling along but poor she, working. )’: *teardrop* but nefurhmind. cnt stay long anw. ^^ gotta pick mum up from dialysis mah. so yup.

to hasina: aiyah. sure can lah. (: THINK BIG! yeaa. yes yes. i update oready! lol! very busy uh… school then after that straight away work.. come home = damn frikken tired go straight to bed.. )= but i will blog as often as i can ok! i miss blogging so much.. & thanks for the wish for the 1st day thingy. went quite well lah. (:

to ika: we love you too lah ika.. (: & yup, i treat them very family.. ^^ i love them very much. so fun.. sad u had to leave tho. hurr hurr. aiyah. theres nth to feel awkward about. it was very sweet of u to bring those chocolates seh, (: eh? u scared when walking wif me? why leh?lucky u act normal. LOL. if not i oso scared siak.

to kyn: so sad lah kite tk same skooL! SIOLL LAAA. ): but nefurhmind. i wish u luck at bedok there ok! atleast cn go sch together lah my darling! (eh, i nv update cos i busy OKEH. unlike u, lazy KAKAKAKAKA…jkjk.)

to HAS: simei ok2 lah. but people look at us beauty students like one big bunch of bimbos, bitches, ngada2 pampered brats. -.-” hurr hurr. so sad seh. then keep giving us long staring looks & nonsensical comments like, when we walk past, they say something like :”eh, let the golden path for them ehh..” like we some kind of princesses (in a bad way) the teachers say they’re jealous. i on the other hand, dunno what to say. LOL. BT students get alot of haters without any reason. ): screw them. pity me. so yups. *shrugs* nt very pleasant lah. but lessons r pretty cool. =D hws ur dover ehh??


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