xiang long fixed a box onto his bikes.. like as if he’s moving house or something.. since he doesn’t have a basket..
he robbed the whole kfc lah siahhs.
this is our very own personal cinderella for the night.. specialising & assisting the kitchens.
cinderella ling & assistant suhaimi splashing hot water on the floors (yes, we have to do that everyday.. see? hygienic huhs)
xiang long the great (eater) washing the counter floors (yes, yes, since im cashiering today..)
xiang long the great (eater) wrapping himself with the hose.. still at the counters..
cinderella ling.. mopping the greatly dirtied floors.. yes, yes, she may be a good maid. well. for the night only.. x)
cinderella is busy..
cinderella got tired soon after..
we had dinner together. =D suresh our rider, bought for us some halal indian muslim food. (:
some of my family members. ^^ miss cinderella, See Ho & suresh..
after everybody had finished eating, Xiang Long The Great (Eater) never says “die” when there’s still food to finish.
Xiang Long The Great (Eater) ate 2 packets of rice.. the one on the right is ofcourse, chicken claypot rice as everybody tells me.
oh yes. Xiang Long bought bubbleteas for everyone of the family members. ^^ it was a EXCELLENT workday. i love them lots. i love my job. & i am very fond of plain milktea. [= just the milktea with no flavor.
when everybody was too busy eating — me, need to maintain figure mah. so eat little, finish early. *snorts*

oh. just a short clip of Xiang Long The Great (Eater) eating.. ^^ he’s a good subject. So thank you Xiang Long for bothering to act in my err… “film”.

yesterday working was AWESOME!
i enjoyed myself IMMENSELY. felt very family ytd. ^^ we had dinner together..
(cinderella ling, noraishah & me shared mee hoon goreng together.. & we ALL had bubbleteas.
NEVERMIND bout the orders coming up.

everything was under control.
i am bursting with joy even at the thought of yesterday.
previously we’ve had dinners together too.. but never captured on uhh.. film.
so today decided to tell/show you how our dinners are like.

doesnt mean work kfc eat chicken everyday mah.
& since they have bicycles & motorbikes.. its easy to get food from distance.
i wish to have many more nights like this.

this is wat makes working so f*cking enjoyable.
i love my job. i love my job. i love my job. i love my job.
but yes.

i still am ranting about pay raise tho, HELLO.
if u people want me to follow the new cashiering customer maniac thingy..
(otherwise, u can kiss my ass)
pls raise my pay to at least a $4.50
only $1 raise. can die isit??

today sp school reopens..

so exciting!!!
its like I’M the one going to school.
nevermind that. ^^ my school on 7th..
so exciting!!

hope they all will play nice today.

on friday im going for medical check up with ling as company.
for the BT thingy.

im perfectly healthy, thank you very much.
but HEY! i got the course seyy!!! yayy!

today is amiline’s shift..
but still the same ol’ same ol’ people we had ytd!
gonna enjoy it i hope deeply.

i went home by the train.
i thot i’d see if the train & a bus was faster or just 196 was faster.
i regret to say that i should just stick to 196.. -.-“
i reached home at 12.15am bcos all the bus services finish..
like WTFH.
wasted cab fare..
waste my time..

but im the only one going by gate 3 (which by 11pm will be closed & we poor workers are forced against our will, to climb the gates in order to get out)

unless u count xiang long.. who rides a bicycle.. but i cant ask him to give me a ride home..

he’s so skinny he might break his spine with my weight.
but anyway.
on monday, i went home at 11 too..
& i wanna say this: im gonna work till 11pm nw.
because its fun working late into the night.
many ghost stories to dish out.

indeed, me & xiang long & ling ofcourse go by gate 3..
& whenever we walk down the steps toward the carpark,
we always hear the sound of bicycle..
but there’ll be nobody.

cant be xiang long since he’s nt working.. (he also hears it too)
& i keep peering into the darkness but see nobody but, an old bicycle..
but there’s nobody on it to make the sound..
the bike is chained. -.-“
nobody is left except pizza hut & us kfc workers wat (they’re all in the store & go by train which is on the other side..)

so. yup.
ling has never heard before tho..

watever it is.. its creepy..
but exciting..
(thats why i chose to go home by train ytd, but now, i guess i just have to brave it to get home earlier..)

so yups. i’ll explain clearly soon when i take pix of the place ok so you get a rough idea. ^^
take care. gotta get ready for work.

ok. dah.

p/s: im oso very depressed to report that SP is so damn poor, they have to off every light to save current & we workers are left in the darkness. HOW MEAN!! ): its very spooky at night ok… & we have seen “things” there.. great subject but when you do see things, you jus wish u could curse the principal or watever of SP to atleast leave lights on towards the route heading to dover mrt..


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