hny. subervisial.

Oooh lala.
it’s already 2008. so umm. i guess.. happy new year.. efuryone.

-.-” 2008. still the same old routines.
but lucky for me.. i’ll be starting a new school year with new friends..
alongside losers (like me) who’re entering everything new.

& hotmail is having some sort of illness.
you can’t even delete a mail peacefully.

do you wan me to report about ytd’s work?
it was fine.

2nd jan they reopen school.. (SP i mean..)
& we all know they’re gonna have some sorta open house on the 10th till 12th jan.
in which the school will be freaking crowded & in which i suppose i’d be serving more of the kuku students.. & having to endure the torture & to conquer the feeling & facial expressions of one, who desires nothing better than to strangle the particular kuku student mentioned.

at first when ling told me, i was psyched.. cashiering seemed to have left me with a mix of love-hate r/s with the students.

when they had holidays.
i missed them. (im pretty fond of them, if u must noe..)
like i said.. its a love-hate r/s btwn me & those kuku customers..
whereas, ling, as she keeps reminding me everyday.. (physically or verbally)
desires nothing better than to fly away from SP & work in some neighbourhood kfc.

hmm. my point is.
i still cannot make up my mind whether i wanna welcome them back..
glare at them. o.o
because my face is.. very sian at the counter.
i know that. numerous number of ppl prefers nothing better than to tell me how i look.

well. anyway. i wonder if they’ll still remember me..
alas, i have to endure new kuku students somemore..

PLUS. now there’s a coupon thingy going round..
in which buddymeals are only $10.00.
i will.. be suffocated.
infact, i suspect, i’ll die cashiering.
(a most desirable way to die.. NOT.)

those coupon thingies are sure gonna be HOT & happening lahh.

so.. again, tell me, how should i greet the students..

but i cannot resist telling you, that i am excited at the idea of SP’s school reopening.
& also i am now, officially, an ite simei BT student..
wat a title. ^^

off & away from krss.. oh.. the torture we’ve endured….
goodluck to those ickle 2008 sec 1 students.

& goodluck to us, ickle 2008 year 1 ite students — i suppose..

im so very the bored.
i will get over myself soon.

i cant believe it is 2008.

ok. dah.

Event Note:
on saturday: im forced, against my will, to stay home & rot till im left with nothing but dust. so im free, against my will ofcourse. feel free to rescue me on this day.

On sunday (after mom’s work): i’m forced, against my will (yet again), to follow mum to a christmas party.. On sunday, too, im psyched to meet kyn.. -.-” kyn. im very sorry, i’ll try to get away asap ok. (:
mum promised it won’t be long.. but you see, thats why i don’t trust her. her “wont be long” involves 3hour chats with makciks whom i dunno how to respond with.

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