order of the phoenix.

i feel so very bored on sundays..
so very ugly (becos it
is my rest day of the week)..
im so glad i’ve got a book. now im on harry potter’s 5th book (order of phoenix)..
at least i wont at all be
that depressed.

i wanna be in the wizarding world too..
i am, infact, voicing out the deepest desires of each and every one of harry potter’s fans..

gosh. i love reading.
think i’d love to die either while sleeping or reading.
(at least i wun suffer too much eg. accidents.)
ok. i think im just kidding.

at least tomorrow im working..
blissful thought.

theres nothing to post about today ):

i just need a haircut (maybe..)
and also need to post back my answer of acceptance to ite.
by the 2nd of jan.

i assure you, since im a girl..
i have alot to fulfill in my shopping list..
i am very very bitter bout everything..

but oh, thank god i got in the course. ^^

before long, i might even do some home-service nail spa ohkays.
for a very cheap price. ^^
& very professionally too.. (hehe, hope so.. ) just need to learn as much as i can..
myb i’ll throw in facial service for free too.
you never noe.


im so bored i could just cry.

i really really really wanna shop. hmm..
myb one item/2 weeks? *looking hopeful*

i must rmbr to check out if its possible to pay thru cpf..



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