p/s: it’s so lovable of care2 & other animal support sites to not take a holiday off today. (: thats the best christmas present ever.hello! so ahem.
today work ah.

i had a bad day.
when haf i ever had a bad day at work.
not really.
today i abit slack.
i was very sleepy.

everyone’s face was like so sian.
my face gradually turned as sian as them.
(plus i was sleepy, rmbr)
&& wow. i still feel as sian as them lah right now.

& btw, before it reaches 12am.
i just wanna wish ya’ll readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

hope u had a fine day.
got lotsa presents.
whatever you wanted (even if u didnt, one cannot get everything one wants at the same time)

so cheer up already.

ok. so continue bout today.
today sucked.

myb it was the fact that ling wasnt there.
or the fact that i’m such a worry wart over my application.
im like.. almost dying.. ):
i am so worried i might not get in.

oh. & myb its the fact that im gaining weight bcos i keep eating when im stressed.

im just.

i dunno.
nerves i guess.

the things that cheer me up:
my bed. my blanket. my pillows. harry potter book. dim lights.

instant holiday.

books are always a treasure.. *sigh contentedly*
keep my mind off things.

oh. & today someone messaged me “so _ _ _ _ g, forget it”
hmm. ok. *shrugs*
i guess i can figure it out after the person said that.
but all i thought about was to be friends.

the word didnt even occur to me at all.

so go relax one cornar.

my face is getting.. *gasp* chubbier..
*flood floor with tears*

&& then otw home from work today,
met shahira..
it was nice talking to her.. ^^
she’s very natural & not at all awkward..
perhaps being friends with hafizah left that effect.
in a good way.

goodluck with that guy ok shahira. =P

& ohmygod.
im so loving my current green blogskin right now.
its so cooling to my eyes lah seh.
^^ *smiles contentedly*
i resolve to sleep earlier today (hopefully before 12/1am).
my eyebags are getting out of hand..
& beauty sleep takes weeks/months. hopefully nt years..
so i better start today.

oh. & i so want to show you pikshurs of the gifts sara brought home from syria.
they’re beautiful. they’re headscarfs. u noe, like tudung/selendang. ^^
i cant wait for an event i might get to wear them at ^^

ooohh.. excity excity..
& also the new crushed velvet scarf i told u about..
i guess i will post the pikshurs up soon.
when i’ve taken the pix ‘fcourse.

& people keep asking me
“do you have friendster..”
it’s twice i’ve been asked that today..
excluding the other days of the weeks..

my sisters are on facebook.
& sadly. its for 18yr old & above. ok2. i noe friendster is too & i joined lastime regardless the age..
but it’s more fun when you’re actually allowed.. ):

hmm. myb i should join multiply? what do u tink?
asra invited me.. noraishah invited me..
but facebook’s image keep flitting thru my mind.

i won’t last a day lah thru these friend connectors.. watever heck they’re called, really.


i guess thats all.

pls pray that i do get to get in my course.. ):

ok dah.


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