so kiss me goodbye..

the pretty lighting nearby PS.. omy.. breath taking when viewed closer… (:
rendezvous hotel toilet… while waiting for haslinna & kyn to change into their *snorts* apron-ed uniforms.
hassle & me.. [mcm2 tol lah name die ni.. hassle, hush, has, etc etc]
caught by surprise eyy kyn.
far east. pardon the expression..
bored outside far east.. =p talk about far east, so kyn & me were resting outside.. we rested our heads down on the table.. then some pakciks/guys/bengs/mats KEPOHS basically peered over & saw that my eyes wer open & asked “oh, thought you were sleeping (like, fuck! so what if WE ARE??) are you okay? (do we look like we’re not?!)”

so with a cramped expression due to THE IRRITATINGNESS, i answered “yeah” (like obviously). i saw that they’ve a couple of bottles of tiger on the table. -.-” (if ur drinking, can just shut the hell up & just drink to urselfs, tawk to urselves & don’t bother other ppl?) then keep talking bla bla bla.. but because i’m wearing one side earpiece, i couldnt hear properly.. then they say something that sounded like “go home & sleep” or something.. like as if we’re BOTHERING their sorry asses when we put our heads on the table lidat.

then i say “we;re waiting for work timing”. well its not a lie. =/ kyn was anyway.
then they say where we working.. pub isit (do we look like POTENTIAL BARTENDERS?! no offence to those who are) & if so, where, then im like “got ah.. somewhere..” “god is allah (sialla, if ur drinking, dun speak that name lah siOl) he upstairs” & some stupid comments. then we fed up.. (cant even REST in peace!) kyn & me just moved off took bus to her workplace.

oh. believe it ornot, me & kyn were in the same handicapped toilet together.. we were doing… hehehehe.. SECRET.

yay! so today i went out wifffffffff KYYYYYYYYNNNNNN…
we went out at 12.30pm+ today. ^^
it was very nice seein her.
then lunched at vivo’s bk. cus i was too hungry. HEEHEE.
then window shopped — saw dinah wif her mum at F21..

kyn & me were very loud today. it was very fun! ^^
i really2 like.

ytd work was alrite too.. ^^
except the part where ling suddenly was pissed out bout something..
i wonder if it was me.. ): was it ling? did i piss u off somehow? ):

somehow today i just got a random question suddenly popped in my head:
is there any guys who have never drank, smoke, sex & wears skinny jeans left? O.O
i just feel its such a shame cus guys wearing skinnies don’t turn me on. TAZ ALL.
*shrugs* guess im a lucky girl — for the moment. (: (hope im not gonner eat back my words someday..)

nex week friday theres some kinda dinner going on for every sp kfc members to attend. SADLY its not at a HIGHER class restaurant.. instead, its at sakura.. CLEMENTI WOODS. sigh* -.-” some exciting news. well. atleast next week im working & not wasting time at home.. ^^ someting to look forward to..

saturday= free day. (un-confirmed)
sunday=coffee date with sisters!! ^^
im booked.

hope kyn has a good time at work today going home that late.. hoho..
oh.. & THAT’s shahid or syahid.. watever his name is.. finally got to see how he looks like. LOLS.

kyn certainly has cheered up.
& i wish hushy good luck (:

wah wah waaaaahh… ling looks soooo hardworking.. i musn’t disturb her when she looks like this.. doing lotser lotser paperwork.. tsk tsk tsk.. so poor thing.. when i came for a closer look… …………………………………………………………………….. the story of the GONE-CASE kfc manager.. LOLS.

so kiss me goodbye.

P/S: time to apply for BT course… so waste time sia must apply directly & not online.. -.-“

kyn better pass me those HUMUNGOUS lots of pics in her NEW DIGI CAM lumix to me soon.. i so need to load them up ^^ pretty2..

&& i dun understand why people who have mixed blood feel so proud of themselves..
think they’re so great & special & simply too full of themselves.
if its you, im sorry. u really needed that (+ a tight slap or two).
WE’RE ALL FUCKIN HUMANS. pretty or not. mixed or not. black or not. just get over yourself. SICKENING ya noe when i visit ________ & see their pikshurs ALL OVER THE PLACE. like OHMYGAWD can, obviously we noe ur pretty.. dun have to rub it in. no. im not typing tis out of jealousy. why should i? im just ranting about my frustrations. but its theirs — WHAT CAN ONE DO.


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