My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Countess-Palatine Asfa the Philomath of Lower Slaughter
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

i love my title alot. so fucking much. O.O

martha stewart’s sugar cookieeeees.

Hello! some people are interested in my white shirt & vest — infact,
2 people. O.O

one wanted swappings, another to lower the price.


i bought that top at $26 ok.. ): not even worn before..
*sob sob*

but nefurmind..

^^ it’s ok.. its alright..{yellow yellow fight fight fight..}

ok. so anyway..
we are so good mannered towards each other..
it brings specks of tears in my eyes.. *wipes away single tear*

kyn says she cant see anything about the dedication slide i made.
like wtf can?

does anybody else has problems viewing? )’:

isit just me who can see it??{!!}

its such a .. *ahem* “masterpiece”..

currently im sick of someone.
i wish the person would just die or get choked on his/her’s fishballs or..
get run over by a truck..

i noe i noe..
on hari raya hajj too..
may the lightning don’t strike me when i go out later..

infact, i should be strangled for having such nasty lovely thoughts..

but I AM SICK. infact, i think i feel so sick, i can even move things around with just the power of my eyes.
i didnt even do anything & the person says he/she hates me..
like WTF can??
in the early innocent morning somemore! =.=
imagine u just woke up with sleep still on ur eyes, checked ur phone & read that kinda message.. i think if it was a dream, i’d die of heart attack already.

{but im glad im perfectly fit & healthy, currently}
stupid asshole.

& the person says he/she doesnt even care if i feel insulted or not when he/she says he/she hates me {& everybody else, good heavens knows}

he/she says “fuck all of u, i can survive on my own”

well then. i tell you GOODLUCK in surviving on ur fucking own! im so fucking sick of you. you & YOU.. ONLY YOU. nobody else.. even if im angry at A PERSON, i dun say i hate EVERYBODY.

why not say goodbye already.

i wish you’d jump off the 21st story by today, i could help to push you off if you lack in confidence {thats how i show u how i’ll always be there for you}.

oh. & tomorrow date wiff kikyn darlinks.
if pay is out tomorrow that is..

tmr working.. hopefully it’ll be entertaining..
ling’s mgr for tonite..
i thinks.. hmm..

see if there’ anything you like at plush! today (: prices all promised to be negotiable..


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