i passed, asshole.

chocolate rose gumpaste cuppcake. is this ur image? do mail me, sorry for the no credits. O.O

i passed my Ns.

& omfg.
i passed evrything!

3 grade fives,
2 grade fours,
1 grade two & tats — obviously: english.

i am so surprised for myself.

i– the girl who was heck care bout studies..
didnt even study much..
gots to pass everything.
especially math.

im very thankful..

not eligible for higher nitec tho.
hurr hurr.

yes yes. eventho im promoted to sec 5.
i clearly said, no. i want to go to ite..

hurr hurr.

i really2 wanna that beauty therapy course..
or. ho humm.
hair fashion & design.

or.. pssst: i really really really wanna cosmoprof nail technology.

well — now i’fe got chance. ^^

im fairy happy.

but.. oh. nefurmind.

i cant wait to tell my sisters when they come back.

im pretty down at the moment.
for my own reasons im not gonner share..

myb i just feel lonely.

i wanner work. 3wks is a long time.. *sighs*
i cant believe im a graduate. it seems like only yesterday i entered sec 1.

p/s: the address on my ite form is under my dad’s address. omg. how come? -_-“

hope u people did well for ur Ns (: tc.

u didnt even care.. so much for being happy. asshole. out of the people who cared & wished me luck, u weren’t even one of them & u call urself important? kiss my ass.


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