so hey.
i know whats the secrets that’ve been going around..
& as usual.
im the last to know.


if any of my friends (choy! touchwood!!) get pregnant,
i’d still be the last to know.
i’ll be like..
“hey hey, whats the story about..”
with a super blur look on my face.

so results are tomorrow.
i honestly wish you happy candidates to stay happy till theclock strikes 12.
THEN u may start to tremble with fear, have sweaty palms & the like.
otherwise. relax. for a little bit.
the day of judgement has come.
i am so freaking myself out.

so i’fe loaded up more kitty pix.
this is the best ones i could get from their,

u visit my blog just to see them isnt it.
nobody comes to see me. ):
but anyway. i honestly dunno y they’re so cute either.
im not complaining.. even after those wrecks they’ve created.

(i also still rmbr the time when our sugar bags was clawed by them & the sugar was all over the kitchen & looks like snow & the kitties were.. having fun in the snow with their eyes growing big & black.)

im starting to sound like a proud mother arent i.
so now, after hanging around, u get to stare lovingly & adoringly @ my lovely cats.
i know it’s really why you come here.. (& yet again: i honestly dunno y they’re so cute)

i still have no inkling when im working this week.

im so gonner miss my colleagues.
i duwan rot at home & do nothing.
i’fe started to love working.
it’s my second home u see…

stupid holidays.
hurr hurr.
now lets pray together for tomorrow.

am i supposed to cut my hair btw?

p/s: these pikshurs are better than posting up icky ones of me like im so full of myself like tat. i tink im more full of my cats than myself. ^^

kit kat is angry at Orange.. =/ see her ears.. & annoyed expression..
tats my tiara..

doesnt he remind u of a chocolate cake somehow.. well it does to me. O.O i cant tahan his juicyness.
tis is miu2.. showing her sexy tummy.

Orange.. my 2nd bf.. well — rather i tink it’s 1st bf.. but if bf knew.. i’d be dead..

titi!! =D



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