sexually stunning!

Hello! yesterday was as cool as Ronald Mcdonalds.

wasn’t a really bad day though. =D
oh, & ling, i think just put me anytime there’s time slots lah. 5-9. O.O is tat ok?
work was alrightey.

there was this bimbo aunty & her son.
they were just standing a good way away from the counter,
looking up at our menu boards.
then this guy came to my counter to order..

she went to the guy & said “excuse me, but i was here first”

siala. no shame sia that woman.

she was taking her sweetest time there staring at our enchanting menu boards, did not even line up, stood a good way away from the counter & said she was there 1st.

sure she stood there first, but nobody said she ORDERED first. -.-” i was so irritated at her. i wish i could just smack her face right out of SP.

think she queen of england isit? think i got free time arh wait for you to think of your order before tending other customer?
/flashes middle finger.

i hope never to see her face again.
remember woman, i recognize ur face, even out in the streets.
ok. im kidding.
nxwk im not cashiering anw..
im not cashiering till SP reopens.

i feel right down sad..
pls pls pls 2nd january come quickly.

& many SP students greeted me nicely, with a hello & smile, & a departing goodbye.. i felt so warm & happy ^^ haf they finally learnt manners or… are they reading my blog. O.O =X

& i think amiline is being too good, for her own good.
we’re not supposed to send orders to customers.
but noooooo… she does..
& tat means i haf to too.


& ytd a customer pissed me off so much,
when i barked questions at him, he started to stammer.
*evil laugh*

dun worry, guy, whatever ur name is: u wun be seeing me for 3wks.
till we meet again.

& ytd syaheer came with abuzar & bf.
suhaimi came too (check on roster, he says)
syaheer wanted to payback suhaimi for stealing his PSP.

result: stolen sim card.

i will not elaborate more.
& in my bag too. tho i did not know anything.

pls be sure that abuzar, bf & me are not responsible. ^^
well. suhaimi should’ve known better than to lie & steal from people lah really.

Oh. & girls r such big mouths.
i cant help bein a girl.

&& i hit amri’s crotch.

i felt so.. like a molester.
ok. so here’s the story:

i was opening the chicken FC to take crispy chicken & when i turned around, naturally we swing our hands.. & amri was right there behind and..

so thats how the story went.
& we were all laffing & laffing.
& to make matters worse, i was the only girl [amiline dunno go whr] & they were all laffing at me & saying that i take advantage.

hurr hurr.
i only molest boy cats, girlfriends & myself.

stop running away from me.

yayZ! tmr gg out wif bf.
is there any good movies to watch ppl? any recomendations! DO TAG!

asfa —

Sexually stunning

‘How will you be defined in the dictionary?’ at

*snorts* HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

till next time!


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