i know.

poor suresh today. had to send order to a bimbo customer who wants all 4 thighs (under delivery, yea ppl) well. it’s subject to availability isn’t it? so get over it. -.-” aishah packed in 3 thighs & a drum/wing. but the bimbo somehow got so blind, she says its 2 thighs, 1 rib & drum/wing.

eat drum or wing oso won’t die what. but noo. suresh had to send back the order to us kfc. dunno wat happened next tho. she never eat thigh before isit? bitch.

pity.. pity..

this family got on my nerves today. somehow. it’s just as well i don’t show close up pikshurs. -.-” god noes if i’d live to say tomorrows sunlight if they sue me. hurrhurr.

that marshmallow bone pillow was bought specially for him. GLAD TO SEE ITS PUT TO USE ANSON! (:
he looks so sweet… aww…
chum2 karate chops in her sleep. (:
“ohhh…. sooooo sleepy… but i have to stay up.. i must persevere..”
sorry orange..
miumiu is the furriest & most mak nenek kitty. -.-“
baby chum2.
mcm budak selenge ehk.

all i have to say is: my cats are gorgeous. agree with me or die.
oh rainy days. where are you. do come back.
hopefully ns starts early. -.-” im not mean. i have my own reasons. he wants it too.

will blog smre soon yea. nitez.. ❤

im pretty down at the moment.

p/s: happy 100 posts to cafe calle [my blog.]

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