My Friend, Sakura.

the green body shimmer puff wand i told u about.. isnt it just soooo sweet? (:
got this packet free, worth $1.50 the lady says..
this is our friend: Sakura. ohmygawd.
why so sleepy mun…

Ha! so have loaded up the pikshur of our new friend Sakura.. & ofcourse, couldn’t resist posting up latest pik of miu2..

miu miu says hello to sisters in syria.
heh* lawl.

gawsh. i just feel like blogging & blogging..
& blogging.. -.-“

very bad ya noe.

Ok. so sunday was a wonderfully cold weathered day.
redmoon’s asleep in mum’s room.
sprawled like a frog on the mattress.
& it’s like.. maghrib.

& i feel so…
jyeah! tmorrow working.
Ling’s shift.
gonna be fun lahs. can’t wait.
i’ve had enough of boring.

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