Going round in circles.

i don’t really think that teachers in kindergarten scream as
much as how we (family) scream at our fat cats to stop
bullying each other or.. basically being naughty —
in the kitchen or living room or.. bedroom..
or anywhere basically.

it’s not the kinky naughty.
its the annoying naughty.
in which you just wish the cat was never born or something.

oh boy.
i’m reminded painfully of my headphones.

ah well. nevermind.
nobody ever said owning cats was a bed of roses.

most people think owning cats are..
& back to cute again.

well lemme tell you the truth.
incase you wanna own a cat
or more than one,

owning cats are not pretty displays.
they are wreckers.

that word “wreckers” totally sums up everything about housecats.

but being cat owners,
we forgive & forget.

its a hard life.

imagine forgiving & forgetting mistakes that are forever being repeated.


but we forgive & forget cus they’re cute & charming.


& ohboy!
i really wanna learn scrapbooking..

i really really really wanna..


results day results day results day…
pls lemme pass to ITE.

im not the academic type.

lemme be creative.

p/s: i lie again & again by being truthful.
pp/s: when does NS start anyway?

most importantly: i wanna be pretty lahhh!!!.. )’: jashdwgfhnvj hell.


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