ytd was a great day.
lazy to elaborate.

the movie “Hitman” is damned cool.
&& as usual they dun tink i’m 16.
i am sooooo normal wif tat.


today im working.
weds finally am meeting kyn.
weds also im going Tangs wif bf to apply there yet again.
weds also i need to meet a seller to pickup stuff at outram.

kyn. u must follow me.
i am kukumalu to meet the seller alone.
&& yes i think she is a friend of harith’s lah kyn. OMG.

&& i am so interested in alot of other things in her blog. gaaaahhh…

&& i am a very gullible girl.
& asra’s singing to her production theme song beside me now..
& sara & manis are going syria nextweek & im left all alone to die in agony.

& i love bribes. x) sara bribed me $20 to pick up mum today.
i do love bribes.

ooh oooh. saturday there’s this cosmoprof open house.
insya’allah i am going wif witch # 3…
cus am free tat day.
& kyn’s receiving bursary on tat day too.
gud girl kyn.

& yes miss manis, i will check out courses of hair/make up/both for you. =D
im wondering.. would you have internet connection down there at syria?
are u gonner miss all my blog posts of the week. )=

well anyway.
it’s been 2 days since i ate proper rice.
i am glad today i have eaten proper rice.
& im sorry mama for not eating ytd’s rice.
she didnt tell me. so who’s fault is that.

vell anyvay..

hoping kyn wud online soon.

❤ p/s: next movie: "i am legend" man. it looks good. (: i simply love the desserts they sell at cinemas.
pp/s: weds scedule:
-vivo Tangs. i’ll meet you kyn, at vivo cans? plsss..
-3pm must reach outram meet seller.
-then we go woodlands ok kyn? ❤
-then we go towning..
-& myb finish off with a dose of esplanade? i dunno. up to u kyn.
-& go home by.. PFFFFTTTTSSSS… 10.30 [like wtf. bf says so. -.-” GAAAAAHHHH]

*sing song voice* 7th is my paaay daaay… 7th is my paaay daaayy.. *sticks out tongue @ readers* & tat pay day iiiiiissssssss….: FRIDAY. =DDDD go me!

click on the button to give free bowls of food to rescued animals.. it doesn’t cost you a thing.. ❤

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