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I just wish that person at home would just die.
it’s not like i’m going out at that second.

i still volunteered to go shop & buy her something.
but NOOOO..
jual mahal.

fuck u luh.
dpn the other family members tnk pekik2.
why scream at me only.
go & die lah. sial.

i wish i had recorded wat the fuck she was screaming abt & let the other ppl living in tis house listen to it.

gawd. im hungry.
gonner go out alone today. gawd. yess.

i needed to talk with kyn. but she’s not free.
so.. yeah.

Hmms. wonder where should i go.. hurrhurr* pfffftttsss…
ok bye.

p/s: thanks ling. (:


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